Every single day I wake up and cringe at the fact that it's so early. I've never been a morning person. I'm not very nice in the mornings. Honest! Anyways, most New Yorkers go straight for their morning coffee. It's supposed to be a great way to wake up. One problem. I hate coffee. Oops! It's true. The smell alone makes me sick. Ironically, I still go into Starbucks and order my favorite teas. Usually Starbucks is over crowded in the mornings. No one likes to wait in line. We're not a very patient community. It's true. We're too much of fast-paced community. We don't slow down. Ever. Okay. Now fast forward to a later time in the day. It's below freezing and I've got to get through the crowded streets to get to my next destination. The city's transportation is always put to good use, but I can never forget about the delays. If I wait for the bus, I may freeze. Waiting underground isn't any better. Maybe a quick taxi ride can help keep warm, but nothing can help protect anyone from the cold of the winter. Honestly, during those days that I feel like I've been walking through and ice box, I like to go to my favorite bakery. It's a cute little bakery called Sweet Corners Bakeshop. I always go for the chocolate chip cookie that's sprinkled with sea salt. It's the best combination.

Then to top it off and chase away the chill, I get a large hot chocolate.
 A small isn't enough to satisfy my taste buds. After the first time I tried the hot chocolate, I couldn't get enough. It's heavenly and it's always made with special care. So, to anyone who is in the city and wants a new place to try, try Sweet Corners. I guarantee satisfaction.