Hey, everyone! The past week has been crazy! From seeing Fall Out Boy to the celebration of my Puerto Rican heritage. It has just been a blast! Fall Out Boy is a dream come true. They released their debut album when I was seven. The seven year old me had a crush on Pete Wentz. The now twenty year old me was mentally freaking out. (I had to keep my cool.) On Thursday morning, I woke up and managed to make it to the Today show by 12:00 p.m. I was the very first one in line. I waited for my friend who had arrived by 3-ish. People began arriving a few hours after that. I began taking to people on the line. It's always nice to make friends in any fandom. That's what I tried to do. The night was spent with a slew of things. The first and most annoying one was me complaining about my high metabolism. I was hungry every other second. My friend was pretty much done with me. I managed to meet a couple of people who had fan passes and met two new girls on the general admission line. There was even a cool mom there with her daughters. By morning, I was cranky. I didn't let it get to me. I kept cool. The V.I.P line was let in first. One of the people who ran the whole operation found out how long I'd been there and decided to let my friend and I in before the people with the fan passes. The moment I stepped into the crowd, The band stepped on the stage. They were going to do a few practice runs before the actual show. 

I came to the conclusion that Patrick Stump is a million percent huggable. I just wanted to hug him. He's adorable. His voice is truly under appreciated. It's amazing. There just aren't word to describe it. Pete Wentz is hotter than ever. When the crew was testing the instruments, they didn't touch the bass. I'm a bassist. That's what I wanted to hear. When he got on stage, and messed with the bass a bit, my inner fangirl freaked out. Andy Hurley is so underrated. He's an amazing drummer. I wanted to hug him too. He took his shirt off and I forgot where I was for a second. Finally, Joe Trohman was just as laid back as ever. He definitely has a chill button. He plays so smoothly. I loved every second of it. P.S. If you'd like to check out the videos from the show, you can check out my Youtube.