21 July 2015

Style Crush: Behati

Summer is officially half way over! That's good news for me. I'm not a fan of the heat. Still, I celebrate summer. Less clothes and more freedom to things you love. No one has to walk around freezing. Who doesn't love a good pair of shorts and a t-shirt? I love comfort and style put together in one outfit. That's why Behati is my official summer style crush. Behati wears band merch often. If you've read or saw any of my earlier posts, you'll know that band merch is my thing. She pairs the band merch with shorts, flannels, boots, and a shoulder bag. You can even carry this look into the winter and pair it with jeans instead of the shorts. It's perfect for comfort and everyday street style. For this style crush, I created my own outfit and kept Behati as a muse. I think she's awesome and her style is just the same. 
 All the love. xx


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