Hey! Guess what! I am finally twenty-two years old! My birthday was yesterday and I did this shoot in honor of turning twenty-two. This years style was all about having a pop of color. This dress did exactly that. The moment I saw the dress I fell in love. I knew we were meant to be. This dress made me feel so Coachella and I loved every minute that I wore it. It made me feel completely confident. With this dress I followed the bra-less trend. A lot of celebrities are ditching their bras and enjoying their natural beauty. I tried this trend a few times before I decided to go all out. I have small boobs and I learned that I feel comfortable with doing so.
With all of my running around to find the perfect outfit, I found a brown suede bag from H&M. I saw it while I was waiting online for the dressing rooms. It is definitely a bag I had to have. I have nothing like it. If anyone has been paying attention to  social media, then you may know that I have been obsessing over everything Autumn. The bag itself put me in that place. I plan on using that bag all through October. I can't wait!

The center piece of my outfit was the necklace. Here's a fun fact: I bought that necklace about four years ago from Forever 21 and never wore it. I forgot about this necklace. Plus, I don't usually wear jewelry.  I was a senior in high school that had an obsession with owls. My previous obsession came in handy. Thank you to my younger self.

My birthday was definitely one for the books. I had so much fun celebrating. My friends took me to this restaurant in Williamsburg called Sea. We've been there before, but decided we should go anyways. It had been a long time since we had dinner there. It was a blast. My taste buds couldn't handle the deliciousness. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard ( I think I have a six pack now). I got to spend time with the most important people in my life.

I would like to say thank you. Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday. Thank you to those who help me celebrate. Thank you to those strangers who were oblivious about it being my birthday, but were still extremely kind. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I appreciate it more than anyone will ever know. Just thank you to everyone for being who you are. Even if we have never met. Thank you.

All the love from the bottom of my twenty-two year old heart. xx