08 September 2016

Dashiki x NYFW

NYFW Fall 2016 has already begun! I am so ecstatic! I am looking forward to seeing all of my faves on the runway and their model off duty candids. I love seeing what everyone is wearing. I love to predict the near fashion future based on street style and runways. I have runways I want to see from different fashion weeks. I'd love to see Gucci, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford, Puma x Fenty, Yeezy Season 4, etc. The list is endless and I'm to excited to sit still.

This season I am ready for what's to come. For months I have been talking about stepping out of my comfort zone and I have done just that. This dashiki is vibrant and flamboyant. It is basically two things I steer clear of. I love my black, but I made a promise to work on my confidence. I've been doing just that. Lately I have been grooving in front of the camera. I used to shy away and become frustrated because I wasn't confident enough to post most of the photos.

Well, here they are. They are unedited as usual, but I chose some photos where I was caught off guard. I chose to step out and say "hey! I am here. I am awesome." I felt awesome today as well. I radiated confidence. I'm proud of myself.

Anyways, enough about me. What are you looking forward to? Who are you looking forward to seeing? Which catwalk are you dying to see? What's you're favorite fashion week?
Stray tune for more!

Until next time.

All the love. xx



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