07 September 2016

I am not her. She is not me.

For years I walked around comparing myself to what I see on social media and the telly. I am no supermodel. I'll never grace the cover of Vogue. I constantly deny my talent due to a severe case of modesty, but my therapist says otherwise.I know I have a lot to work on. The most important thing is self worth. I will never be my idols in any way. No more comparing and contrasting. Idols are meant to inspire and that's all they need to do.

 I AM NOT HER. That's pretty straight forward. Isn't it? I don't have a million dollars and she does. I don't own most of Fifth Avenue and Rodeo Drive, but she does. I don't own a Maserati and I can't hop on a private jet because I'm bored, but she does and she can. She walk runways. I watch tutorials on youtube. She is irresistible and I am just me. She's perfect in every way. It's true! She's her own kind of perfect. No one can be her because she is already taken. Spoiler alert! We're just as perfect.

SHE IS NOT ME. I have been learning about the importance of individuality, self love, and self worth. I am one of a kind. It brings me joy to know I am limited edition. We are all limited edition. No one can be me. No can create the way I do. No one can grace this earth like I do. No one thinks like me or dreams like me. No one thinks like me or dreams like me. No one uses writing, reading, blogging, music, travel, concerts, and life as a catharsis the way that I do. Every millimeter on my body is unique and that goes for you too. I am my own kind of weird. I am my own kind of beautiful. I may never be able to do things the way my idols do, but that's the point. Things aren't meant to be copied. We are meant to create and reinvent. To do things our way.

SHE IS NOT YOU. Do you realize how special you are? How perfect and incredible you are? Do you understand that there will never be another you again? You are bigger than your body. You are larger than life. You are everything and more. The faster you realized that, the better. Life will begin when we end all of the comparisons we make of ourselves to other people. We'll be happy with a new sense of free.

The moral to the story is we are all one of a kind. I am not her. She is not me. You are not them. They are not you. WE ARE BLOODY PERFECT THE WAY WE ARE.

All the love, kindness, happiness, and peace as always.

Darianne xx

P.S. Happy NYFW everyone!



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