That girl was a one time teenage drama queen.

Growing up in New York City I knew the world was a whole lot bigger. I had dreams of Santa Monica pier and London. I even wanted to be a mermaid in the Gold Coast or Bali. I would dream of  cross country road trips. So, I watched Jesse McCartney's Beautiful Soul video on repeat. In my mind I was at the Simple Plan show in the New York Minute movie. In my mind I was front and center at a Green Day concert. I still listen to Bullet In A Bible and pretend I'm there. I spent all of my twenty two years being a dreamer and it's been nice.

I've lived inside of a bubble. It's been a happy little hippie, Do it Now Remember it Later, living in the moment sort of bubble. This probably doesn't make sense. I laugh a little just saying it out loud, but it's true.

My father was an entrepreneur. He was into men's fashion. He was ready to open his own store before he passed away. Hearing all of the stories about my father made me want to go. It made me want to grind and knock down boundaries that were set before me.  I come from strong men and women. No isn't an option. No isn't in my vocabulary.

When I decided I wanted to blog, I thought people would be mean. I am not a professional. I just enjoy what I do. Instead other bloggers have been kind and supportive. Through them and my own personal experience, I became even more fearless in real life.

My dreams of being a mermaid, going on road trips, and seeing the world can and will come true. I've taken baby steps by traveling within the states, but that's a start. I can only go up from here.

There are many things in life that stop us from doing what we want. Fear is the biggest one. I learned a thing or two about a thing or two. When Jay-Z said to "dirt off your shoulders" he was right. There will be stop signs and stop lights. There will be brick walls and a whole lot of traffic. There will be sycophants and there will be people who will try to tear you apart.

We were told that a negative and a positive makes a negative. In reality, if you want it to, a positive can overpower all the negative. Things will try to stop you. There will be bad days and terrible days. Just remember that there will be great days and there will be amazing days. No matter what day it is, you have to go after whatever it is you want.

Life can be a bitch, but we can be bitchier if we wanted to. Fight for what you want. Never say no. You can do it! Whether you're a dreamer, a realist, or somewhere in between, you have the power. No one and nothing can take it away from you. Your willpower will shield you from what you want it to and be your army when you need it to.

That's why I am not afraid. I am a day dreaming night thinker. My mind will forever wander. I will always be the girl who fell in love with life and the world. I will always be the girl who plays life out like a scene in a movie and I'll always own it. Nothing else will ever matter as long as I stay true to myself and go after what I want.

As for you, the galaxy is the limit. It's your time now. No matter how old or how young, you are here and you are now. There's nothing that can't be done. Don't let fear paralyze you. Allow yourself room to make mistakes and grow. Allow yourself to have moments. Be yourself. Be that wonderful, limited edition you've always been.

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. - Babe Ruth

All the love as always.

Darianne xx

P.S. Ironically heights freak me out and I'm standing freakishly close to the edge.