22 November 2016

But it's only November...

As if that matters! I usually get back into the Christmas spirit the day after Christmas. I know. Who does that? Me of course. I almost always feel the holiday spirit all year long. If it was up to me, I'd move in with Old St. Nick and Mrs. Claus. Yes, I have thought about it. 

Recently I went searching the city for November. Does that make sense? I've been so busy with my course work. I never really have a moment where I can look up or take a breath. I finally got that moment. That's when I noticed.

It's been a bit warm for this month and this time of year. Yes, it has gotten a bit nippy on occasions, but not the way it's supposed to be in November. From November to January I am in major holiday mode. So, on a search for November I went.

As I walked about, I took photos of what I saw. I tried to capture the holiday cheer. People from all over the world were stopping to take a look at all the Christmas shops that are already open.
Rockefeller Center (I have a habit of writing "Centre") had a small but beautiful dedication to veterans on Veterans Day. As I sat by this masterpiece, I began conversing with visitors from other countries. One woman asked if Christmas is coming early. I said, "The Christmas spirit should be within everyone all year long." She's a very kind lady from England who offered me a package of her Nuts4Nuts cashews. We spoke of a lot of things. She told me how it get really cold in England. It was her first time here. She didn't know what to expect. She said she was happy the weather was nice. She also told me that I should visit England sometime, I told her if we ever ran into each other in England when I visit, I'd be sure to say hello.

Eventually her husband came. She introduced me as a "very polite young woman" before we formally introduced ourselves. We exchanged farewells. Then they had to go. I continued on talking with other people. Christmas seemed to be the talk at Rockefeller Center. I could understand why. The display sort of looked like Christmas. Christmas has begun to sneak into our heart and at some of the local shops and neighborhoods.

I had fun speaking with people. When I was done I continued down Fifth Avenue. I began to feel the holiday spirit rise and tingle from the tips of my toes. Victoria's Secret has a tree that makes me want to take it home. It's not too early to have a Christmas tree, is it? My neighbor always said, "There isn't such a thing as too early." All of her Christmas decorations are already on display. She even has this giant Santa and it is a bit heavy to lift. I know. I tried.
There's a little market that has Christmas shop within. It just opened on Fifth Avenue that sells Christmas ornaments. It's right across the street from Urban Outfitters. The woman there was so nice. When I backed away to get a full photo of the store front, she photo bombed. It was the best thing ever. We laughed when I tried to back out of the store and fell flat on my bum. Ouch! I tried to explain the fall, but no one around could stop laughing. My stomach hurt from the workout. Even when I walked away from the shop I couldn't stop laughing. My bum still hurt. 

As I walked back towards 59th street, I couldn't help but stop at the Christmas store that is open 365 days a year. I think Santa personally opened that store himself just for me. I am still contemplating moving in with the Claus'. I wonder if they will let me stay with them for a day or two or forever. 
By the time I got to 59th Street I was about ready to get home to upload the photos I took. The apple store illuminated one side of Fifth Avenue. The plaza illuminated the otherside. Adjacent to the Apple store is Cartier. Cartier looked so pretty. The lights are everywhere. 
Surprise, surprise! When I got home I received a lovely package from Amazon. About a week ago I went shopping on amazon for books. The end result was two Contemporary Fiction Christmas books along with two other non holiday books. I couldn't resist. Though I haven't read them yet, I find myself babbling on about them. I seem to babble a lot about the holidays. Sort of like I'm doing now. 

Anyways, everything is lovely in the land of pre holiday cheer.Though I do wish Harry Winston was still lighting up the corner. It's about time I stopped babbling. I'm going to finish decorating my tree when I get back from this lovely cafe I'm sat in. 

Happy almost holidays, everyone!

P.S. All black and white photos are from previous holiday seasons.

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