30 July 2017

There's a change in pressure.

There's a change in pressure.

It’s Sunday again. Not that you didn’t already know. I don’t have any coffee and my mind is asleep. I’m contemplating canceling the entire day. I want to stay in the comfort of my bed which is not physically possible for me ( I get too antsy). The memories of this week still linger in the air. The decisions I made whisper to me like the cool, crisp winds of October. To say this past week was a big week is an understatement.

For the longest time I've asked myself, “Darianne, what makes you happy?” Then I would reply. “Well, I love books and flowers and autumn leaves. I love music and art and writing and fashion.” So, why not do something about that? Well…

There's been a change in pressure. It all happened on my birthday. On the 25th of July, I turned twenty-three. Happy Birthday to me! I woke up early and inhaled a cup of coffee like I always do. Just like I did on my birthday, I thought of uni. Over a year ago, I was extremely excited to be back in school. Heck! I am still excited for the coming fall semester. I remember writing about how excited I was to study business. News flash! I’m not anymore. Why? I was a business major in high school. I loved business. Turns out the passion for business isn’t there anymore, but don’t fret. I need a major change in my life. I needed to do what would make me happy. I need to change my major. I was so worried about not graduating on schedule. I was worried that I’d have to start over. I guess there are perks to starting out as a liberal arts major. I met with my academic advisor who also bought me a cake, and we made this change happen. Instead of a degree in business, I’ll receive a degree in English with a focus on Journalism. Indecisive. I know.

In the words of my family and friends, “You’ve been obsessed with reading and writing since you were a kid. How did you just now realize you’re passionate about it?” College is a bunch of trial and errors. Some get it right the first time. Others make changes until they feel it’s right. Reading and writing have always been my favorite things to do. This change will be a good change. Instead of forcing myself to pay attention, I’ll be more than happy to participate and write a paper (I love writing papers. Sometimes).

I hope all is well with you on this hot Sunday morning.

All the love as always.




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