High all the time.

Life feels infinite nowadays. I have a new job. I’m enjoying school. My therapist tells me I don’t need her anymore. Life is good. I’m moving forward and working towards everything I’ve ever wanted. Sometimes I slow down to take a breath and remember with all the good comes a bit of worry. When will this high hit a low?

We all have lows. It’s that places that makes us feel horrible. We hate everything. We feel bad about ourselves and anything we do. We wish for those highs. We want to rejoice. When we’re at a high sometimes we feel it’s too good to be true. Yeah. We’re all like that. It’s okay. We’re human.

When we’re at a low, there’s a lot we can do to bring our spirits up. This isn’t about low points. This is about high points.

Just remember these things:
     1.      You deserve to be happy.

Everyone deserves to be happy. Don’t let anything or anyone take that from you. Be the one steering the wheel of your life. Happiness comes from you. Be your reason.

     2.      Having a high point isn’t karma’s way of preparing for an attack.

I used to think if I had one good moment, everything would turn to shit. I used to think karma was a master at guerilla warfare. I was WRONG. I was the reason things fell apart. Instead of letting myself be happy, I took it away with all the worry I could muster up. I like to believe in karma. I let karma handle my dirty work. Just remember karma is good to you if you’re good. Be good. Do your best. 

     3.      Taking part in activities you enjoy and trying new things helps the good times to keep rolling.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends. I enjoy roaming cities for fun. I want to go to Disneyland and I would like to go zip lining. Do the things that brings a smile to your face. Live on the edge a little. You will create memories and live a life you want while doing so.

     4.      One dreadful day doesn’t mean rock bottom.

We all have bad days. It’s important to remember that a dreadful day is just a dreadful day. A horrible day doesn’t mean a horrible lifetime. A dreadful day is not the end of the world. Sometimes we have multiple bad days in a row. The world will find its equilibrium again.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.” – John Lennon

     5.       It’s okay to feel something other than happiness.

Happiness isn’t the only emotion we’re wired to feel, but it is one of the best. We’re human. How many times have I said that? It’s the truth. We’re not expected to be perfect. We’re not expected to be happy all time. I don’t trust anyone who says they’re happy 25/8. That’s suspicious. A little bit of everything is always healthy. Don’t be afraid to feel what you’re feeling. Embracing it will help you get through whatever it is. There’s always a pot of gold waiting at the end of a rainbow after a rainy day.

     6.      Enjoy this moment.

There’s no time better than the present. Sometimes we’re so caught up in things we forget that we are here and now. Life’s too short. Give yourself a minute and keep pushing forward. This moment will not be refunded. There are no go-backs. Come what may, but don’t waste the precious time you have stressing about things that can’t be controlled. Life will throw curveballs. Throw them back. This moment is yours. Now. Now. Now.

Anyways, I hope you're all having a lovely day wherever you are.

All the love as always.

Darianne xx

P.S. Has anyone told you how wonderful you are today? You're stunning. You're brilliant. You're lovely. I'min awe. Keep being amazing.