06 December 2017

Closing the book and starting afresh.

Closing the book and starting afresh.

The past couple of years have been a roller coaster. In the beginning, days were nearly impossible to get through. Anxiety was kicking my butt. I felt the need to cry all the time and I was depressed. I began to see a therapist to seek help before my depression consumed me completely. My life changed for the better.

For weeks, I've been going back and forth with my therapist. Everything is good in my world. She says, “Darianne, you don’t need me anymore.” She is right. For the longest time, I was seeing her biweekly and sometimes not at all. I realized I’ve been standing on my own for a really long time. All I needed to do was take the training wheels off. It’s a little scary to think about walking away from my sessions, but it’s what I need to do. Also, she was about ready to give me the boot (I’m only kidding. Sort of).

It's a bittersweet moment for me. I had my last therapy session last Friday. I'm so grateful to my therapist (now former) and this journey I'm on. 

Just like my new journal (my old one is half finished, but no longer needed or wanted), I'm starting afresh. I'm considering the old book I called "My Life" a terribly written prequel. This is where my story begins. I'm calling it "The Moment She Started Living". 

And I thank you. Yes, you who took the time to read this post. I've only gotten started and blogging is going to play a bigger roll in my book. I hope you stick around. Cheers to you!

And cheers to a new beginning!



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