22 July 2018



When I turned twenty-three, I made a wish. I wished for the best. I wished for my twenty-third year to be wonderful. I wished for it to be filled with love. I spoke it into existence.
Twenty-three has been a wonderful and happy year. It's been my best year yet. When I wished for the best, I felt in my heart that this was a wish that would come true. I got a new job that I enjoy most of the time. I moved my blog and I've been having the most fun with it. I got accepted into the English program at the University of my dreams (yes, I am transferring). I've managed a whole lot of self-love. I now have a beautiful two-month-old niece. Most importantly, I can look back at this year with a joyful heart. I couldn't say that with my entire being before and mean it. My heart is filled with so many feelings and I can't help but bask in it. It's a wonderful time to be alive.
This year was about the small details that make me who I am. I began reading for fun again and not because I’m told I need to write a thesis. I'm currently reading The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy and I'm enjoying the Victorian styled literature. I’ve also managed to spend so much of my money buying books at Strands because they have wonderfully priced books and I’ve always wanted a library. I sat in the sun and laid in the grass. I find it very peaceful to strip myself of shoes and gadgets just to lay on Mother Earth. I’m eating healthy and I’m doing my best to live a healthier life. I've enjoyed the peace that comes with my Sunday morning coffee and blog posts. I've enjoyed rambling like I am now. I began watching historical fiction shows because they make me happy and I love getting lost in those kinds of shows. If you’ve watched Reign, then you understand heartbreak. I’ve also managed to spend a lot of my time in Museums. I've been taking the time to treat the little things with care and I've never been happier. Watching good shows, reading lovely books, and living life is all part of that.


My favorite part of this year has definitely been seeing Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles live. FLABBERGASTED. I feel like I’ve used that word quite often lately, but I’m not sure how else to express how I’m feeling. That's also how I felt while experiencing such talent. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around things. Ed Sheeran truly is a one-man show and Harry Styles is THE ROCK STAR OF THIS GENERATION (this is my opinion. I stand by it and the critics will agree). Concerts always meant the world to me. They were the place where I sought refuge when I was in a terrible place. Now, they're a happy reminder of how I managed to get through it all and live a happier life. 

Buscando inspiration pa' romper los rankings. Lo mío lo hice yo y no es de papi. (Looking for inspiration to break the rankings. I did it myself and it's not from daddy.) - Maluma


Tomorrow afternoon will be the start of my birthday week. I will be sitting happily in Philly celebrating who I am with my dearest friend.  I'm excited to be turning 24. Turning 24 is a blessing. It's going to be another epic year filled with self love, adventures, books and academics, more concerts, and growing. Sometimes I think I have an idea of what I want from my 24th year. All that I want is to continue to be happy. The rest is up to fate. (Fate, please be good to me.) 
So, to be completely honest with myself and you, I don't have a plan nor do I want one. I've decided against any sort of plan. I don't want to know what happens next. I don’t want to think about where I wish to be in six months because I’m already there. The only thing I can possibly wish for this year is to grow more, to love myself more, and to learn more about life and myself.  I want to live in this very moment and dance in circles. I may even hug a few more trees along the way. Who knows? Anything and everything is possible.

P.S. The quote is from a song by one of my favorite Reggaeton singers about his success at 23. My success is going from a dark whole to dancing in sunlight. I promise I am not throwing shade. Thank you for stopping by. x

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