This summer has flown by faster than I can blink. I spent the summer with an open mind. Whatever happens will happen. I started the summer ready to take on the world. It feels like this summer, just like every summer before it, was better than the last. Every new experience and every first is a new memory that I'll cherish forever.

This summer has been about first times and living it up. I got on a plane and went back home to Puerto Rico for the first time since I was only a year old. I spent time with family I hadn't seen in years and I met a lot of family members. I kissed my crush and asked him on a date. I've never done those things before. I began to see the city lights differently. They began to twinkle instead of blind me. I spent more nights twirling with joy than I ever have before. This summer was a dream.

I still don't have any regrets. I've learned some lesson and I giggle about them now. This summer was the most interesting and freeing summer I've ever had. Summer '19 is one for the history book. Technically summer isn't over yet and even though the leaves are falling, there's still a few memories to fit in. I'm going to miss this summer, the people I've met, and every expierence I've had. Sadly, summer is on its way out, but that's okay because autumn is on its way. Autumn is my favorite season and I'm already looking forward to the holidays already.

I hope you had an incredible summer. What's your favorite memory from this summer? x