Lately, things have been chaotic. I'm in the process of looking for my first apartment. I've started a new job. I'm looking for a second job just to keep busy. I'm working on creating and publishing posts regularly. My family and I have started our pre-holiday festivities. I'm also going back and forth with my university because I want to graduate early. As I said before, life is chaotic.

Today is a gloomy Sunday. The rain is pattering on the roof and windows. The streets are empty. Luke Bryan's new song is quietly playing through my speakers and I am sipping on a large cup of Cinnamon Apple Spiced tea. I've been thinking a lot lately. What have I been thinking about?

  1. I've been thinking about things both big and small. The thought of being on my own for the first time is both scary and thrilling. There's nothing like having a place to call one's own. It makes me nervous, but I am ready. I am ready for this new chapter in my life. I may even start a home/apartment section on my blog once I have my own space.
  2. Negativity has been around me lately. I was dealing with someone who is completely toxic to theirself and other people. I had spent quite some time stressing over the negativity. My anxiety attacks became frequent. Then suddenly everything came to a halt. I spent so much time drowning in toxicity and negativity that I forgot to swim. I do not believe in spreading negative energy. I want to make a person smile when we meet. I never want to be the reason for anyone to shed a tear. When I remembered that my positivity is stronger than any negativity, I started swimming until I was away from all of the negativity. I've officially cast all of the negativity and toxicity out of my life. Life is good again.
  3. 2019 has been a very epic year. I've had many opportunities and countless blessings in 2019. I think about how I've managed to do such wonderful things like travel and experience summer like never before. I think about the autumnal activities I'm enjoying. I think about spring and how magical it was. Last winter may have been warm, but New York was still a snowless wonderland. The seasons have been good to me. 2019 has been really good to me. It has had its own plot twists. It may have had some tough moments, but 2019 has been one of my best years and I'm excited for a new year.
Life has been chaotic lately. I am still growing. I am moving into a new chapter. I am finding my way even through negativity and I still manage to come out on top. I am twenty-five and happier than I have ever been.

What have you been thinking about?