07 October 2014

Just Me

One thing I realized when I reached adult hood was that I had to see the world my way. I had to do things my way. I had to learn to compromise, but never give up what I want for absolutely anything. Of course, there are people along for the ride. I’ve heard that no one is truly alone. It depends how you look through the lens.

I see the world in color and sometimes the colors fade. It’s just life. I’ve never met anyone who was so optimistic to the point that they never had a grey area. We’ve all been there. I myself have been there. It’s part of being human.
I like to document things. Black and white photos are my favorite. It’s more than that. When I look at a photo, I want to envision a story. I also keep a journal. It’s very therapeutic. When I write it out, I want to be able to remember what I felt. I’m sure I’m not the only one.
Sometimes I create new playlists and name them accordingly. Therefore, I knew what was going through my head when I made it. I have a playlist called “4:34 a.m.” and another playlist called “Everything’s Embarrassing.” The first one is basically filled with a bunch of songs to put me to sleep. The second one is about things that make me me.
I am the type of person who will walk up to a stranger and say, “Have you heard the new…?” I love music. People have their playlist for a season. I’m lucky if it doesn’t change from week to week because of a new song that has become my favorite. I love bands. I may have said this before, but it’s true. I don’t know everything. So, I always appreciate when someone recommends something.
I also love clothes. I usually wear black. I love black. I wear band t-shirts, t-shirts (mostly v-necks), blouses, skinny jeans, flannel, heels, Vans, a few dresses, and beanies. I dress to match my mood. Everyone’s got their own style. I’ve just generalized mine. My clothing isn’t over the top, but it’s me. My clothes always match my mood. Always.
Something else I like is hair dye. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair, but I was always scared that it would fall out. I’m going to take the chance and try a red ombre. My natural dark brown hair on top and let it fade to red. I’d love to try that.

I’ve always had different ways of making sense of myself. While I’m just sat here, I’m thinking about what’s next. Do I go out for dinner? Do I make a home cooked meal? Maybe I’ll create a bunch of outfits to wear. Maybe I’ll go on YouTube and laugh or maybe go on tumblr. Who knows?
Right now it’s a new year and I am evolving each day. I’m finding something new everyday and I’m enjoying myself. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Live life the way you want to. The rest of the world doesn’t matter.
Be young. Be dope. Be proud.
All the love. xx

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