07 February 2015

Tomorrow, I can't wait.

I'm excited for the days that wearing coats and extra layers is in the past. I'm excited for the day that People's Pops re-open. I'm even more excited to return home. To be continued...

01 February 2015

Style Crush: Eleanor Calder

I usually like to wear jeans. Black jeans can go a long way. What if an event that I am attending doesn’t allow jeans? What if I actually have to dress up? Black jeans can help a person get away with a lot, but not everything. I’m not the biggest fan in the world of playing dress up, but I have my moments.
A few years ago, I noticed a woman whose style is something I could never get over. Her name is Eleanor.
As a person who is obsessed with Topshop, I must say that no one can really go wrong with the brand. I’ve seen El’s style evolve over the past few years and that’s why she is my style crush. Her styles isn’t over the top. It’s simple and I like that. Most of the time I can’t help but to fall in love. So, I decided to create an outfit inspired by latest style crush: Ms. Eleanor Calder.
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