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Ever made plans, then later found out that you're missing the one thing that can actually help you go through with those plans? Well, that's pretty much how Thursday went. Every summer, Good Morning America has this concert series called "Summer Stage" that allow people to see their favorite artists for free. I was so excited! Ed Sheeran was scheduled to be there the following morning. I had everything planned out. My friend and I were going to go to the place earlier. We were going to wait there until we were able to get in. Then we'd enjoy the show. That never happened. We were missing the key ingredient to actually having a good time. A ticket. GMA had later released information about the show. Anyone who attends needs a ticket. Of course, they're free. We just didn't know. We were so mad about the entire situation, we laughed. What?! Does that even make sense?  So, with this new found information, we ended up on this field in Central Park. We had this small speaker and we used it for our music. We listened to all our faves. We posed for pictures. We sang. We danced. We had a good time. That's all that really matters. In the end, no moment was wasted. We didn't get to see Ed live. I still haven't watched any videos of the performance. All I know is that we took a not-so-good situation and made it better. Remember: Carpe diem. Seize the day. Never let it get away from you. All the love. Darianne xx P.S. I still wish I could've seen him live. That's be a dream.