Ten Penny is situated in the Cultural District of Pittsburgh, which is actually perfect for a place like this. It's got a very chilled vibe.There are the cute ceiling fans. There are flat screen TVs around the bar and at certain corners of the restaurant. There are lights that hung low from the ceiling. I'm not sure why I couldn't stop staring at them. It's a great place to have lunch, dinner, or even attend happy hour. It was my first time visiting the establishment. I had the Pasta Marinara & Meatball. It was absolutely delicious. I would recommend it 100%. The meatball itself is a little smaller than my fist. 

The sauce and the pasta was enough for me. I had to take the meatball to go. My friend ordered an Amaretto Sour. Though it had more liquor than necessary, I'd still say to try the bar. The bartender is really nice... And attractive. My friends also ordered the Margherita Flatbread. She loved it. I had a bite of it and I was in love. No one can go wrong here. If I ever find myself back in Pittsburgh, I'd go back to Ten Penny. Actually, if you're ever in Pittsburgh or live in Pittsburgh and have never been, I suggest you try this place. You won't regret it.

All the love. xx