01 April 2016

Am I down yet?

Coat: H&M Shirt: Etsy Pants: H&M Sneakers: Adidas

This post isn't so much about the clothes as it is about the moment. The moment has been a bit hard to enjoy with all the chaos around me lately. Being an adult is a lot of work. The moment I get five minutes to sleep, my alarm rings and I'm back up to do it all again. *Insert line about wanting to be a kid again.*

Today was different. Today was a great day. I spent the entire day with my youngest sister. It made me extremely happy. I couldn't sleep the night before because I was so excited. I got show her all of my favorite places and she got to try new food. She called me her "cool" older sister. I guess I'm down in her eyes. That's fine with me. I can stick my tongue out at my other sisters because I'm cooler than they are.

Finally it's time to unwind. I've got a glass of Tropicana juice, my journal, and my three favorite artists at the moment playing: The 1975, Troye Sivan, and Halsey. Today was a perfect day. A day I wouldn't trade for the world.
Until next time.
All the love. xx
- Darianne

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