11 April 2016

Minimal, Nudes, & In Between

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Spring is finally here! I can twist and shout now. Spring is my second favorite of season of the year. I am so ready for thin jackets and light jeans. I am beyond over wearing layers (not that I actually ever wear layers in the winter). I miss feeling light when I walk out and that time is coming back. Can you sense my excitement?

At the moment I am obsessed with the nudes. This past winter I bought a rose pink coat and a tan coat from H&M which are featured on previous posts. There is something about stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring different patters, colors, fabrics, etc. Apart from my newest obsession with leaving my comfort zone, I can actually say that this is a trend that I am on top of. This may or may not be a first for me. I usually like to just do my own thing, but I can definitely stick to this for awhile.
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