23 August 2016

Apples & Pumpkins

Hi, everyone! I've sat around my apartment all day anticipating the rebirth of my academic career. The fall semester for my college begins on Thursday. This just means fall is right around the corner and my favorite candles from Bath & Body Works are in season. 'Tis the season of pumpkin! I am jumping with joy.

Last week I went shopping for basic school supplies. I got an academic planner and some notebooks. As I made my way down Lexington Avenue I saw a big sign in front of Bath & Body Works that was promoting ten dollars off all three wick candles. If you've never shopped their I'll tell you why this is awesome. Three wick candles are usually $22.50 plus tax. Because of this promotion the three wick candles are now $12.50 plus tax which is the same price as the mason jars. A mason jar is a medium size candle that you can wrap your hand around. Anyways, I saw that the store was having a promotion and I nearly bolted inside.

The place smelled incredible as always. There was some old school tunes playing and the employees are so inviting. Who wouldn't be jolly to be selling holiday candles? I love holiday candles! As I made my way to the wall with all the candles I saw an orange jar and I knew it was pumpkin. I couldn't help myself. Candles are addicting. I put the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle in the shopping bag that was handed to me. It's my all time favorite. I almost bought another candle that had a combination of pumpkin and something else, but decided against another pumpkin candle. Since I was already splurging when I knew I shouldn't, I thought I'd pick one more. I smelled all of the summer and fall candles until I couldn't smell anything. Where are the coffee beans when I need them? Finally, I got to the Honey Crisp Apple candle. I have a recent love for apples and I never bought an apple scented candle before. I was in the middle of a candle overload. Only the apple scented candle could complete my mission.

With the help of a very friendly employee, I paid for my things and was on my way. Lets just say that if I stayed any longer, I would have bought the entire store.

Cheers to Bath & Body works for having such incredible candles!

All the love. xx



19 August 2016

Like the movies...

In about a week school will start and I will go back to eating crappy foods and stressing over papers. My disgust for coffee may become non existent and sleep will become a distant memory. Ah! How I missed school.

This summer has been a lot of fun. I usually go to concerts, camp out for free shows, and travel to somewhere new. This summer was different. This time was about enjoying time with family and friends. From my adventures in Napanoch and the Hudson Valley to beach trips and humid days in the city, I had the time of my life (queue song). I am still having the time of my life.

Today a couple of my friends and I decided to go to the beach. We arrived at the beach when the sun began to set. Lets just say that our little beach adventure turned into aesthetic goals. I'm not kidding. In the moments of taking photos, laying by the shore line, and being happy; I got a chance to forget about the world. I fell in love with this summer evening like it is my first love. It was like a scene in a movie. A scene where there aren't any words. There is just music. Everything is moving in slow and fast motion. It's like the scene in the movie where there is just pure happiness. Life is being lived and everyone is in love. Even if it's just for the night. Strangers are meeting and everyone is becoming one. A true and happy blur.  That's what tonight was. That's how my summer has been. I feel blessed for every moment. If there is nothing left for me to do this summer, then that is okay. I went out with a bang.

All the love. xx



10 August 2016

Summer Vibes

Have you ever dreamed of one of those cross country road trips with friends? Have you ever dreamed of bonfires and beach parties? Maybe even having a summer, maybe ongoing, romance? Yeah? Me too. When I was younger I thought summer was about hot guys with man-buns and washboard abs that know how to surf. I thought it was all about beaches and road trips. I wasn't completely off. Then again I watched way too many movies.

All my life I dreamed of having summers that are always better than the last. I'm sure most of us have seen those tumblr blogs that have to do with summer vibes, good vibes, and beach vibes (Wherever It Takes Me). Some may be sick of them. Some may still love them. I know I do. It's just a reminder of what summer means to me. It means driftwood.

To me summer is about special moments. It's about letting go of all the stress the year has built up and dancing as the sun sets. To me it's about vibing with the world. Summer is peaceful. Summer is full of love. Summer is kind. Summer is hot. Summer is the season to be light on your feet. Summer to me is the season where everyone waits all year to let lose. Summer may not be my favorite season, but summer can be incredible if you want it to be.

It's seems that summer is where the term "carpe diem" is put to use more than any other season. It's the time where things get crossed off  bucket lists. People seem to be more adventurous and try new things. One of my previous posts talk about the first half of my summer. I had many firsts this summer and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

Now, enough about me. How is everyone's summer going? What adventure have you had or are currently having? What's your favorite summer memory? What does summer mean to you?
 Remember: don't hold yourself back. Enjoy your summer! Carpe diem.

All the love as always. xx


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