Lately I've been contrasting the colors on my clothes with nature.  I'll tell you why. There were times where I got really bad anxiety attacks. They were random and scary. I never felt the symptoms of an attack. They pretty much happened instantly. They made me feel ten times more horrible afterwards if I was outside. Eventually I learned  that beside my mom and a special someone, nature brings me peace.
I've become very calm. Well, sort of. I  mean that I remember to "free my mind from the troubles of lately." Yes, I quoted Driftwood again. I repeat the word "driftwood" out loud and mentally remind myself to let go.  I am learning to stop trying to control the uncontrollable. When I was a little girl I thought the coolest thing was playing in the mud. I had no worries in the world. Now, I am a cliche twenty-two year old who obsesses over books, journals, coffee shops, sweater weather, and the kind of indie tunes played in Starbucks. I am also the cliche college student who is drowning in work and is now strangers with sleep. (Don't ask me why I managed to write this post when I should be studying for my test.)
Anyways, today I managed to look like a pumpkin . I even dreamed of a Pumpkin Spiced Latte the night before. To say that I look like October is an understatement. October and December are my favorite months. Right now I am waiting for the Halloweentown Marathons, Hocus Pocus nights, and lots of free candy. I may even dress up this year because no one is ever to old to trick-or-treat.
Until next time, I hope your sweater weather season is filled with lots of Halloween festivities, cool cafes with the indie songs no one ever really knows, and amazing comfy sweaters.
All the love as always. xx
P.S. I am happy to say that I've not had an anxiety attack in months. Cheers to that!