15 November 2016

A friendly reminder.

Lately I've heard the same sentence on repeat. "I"m so fat." The women I know who say that are small and petite or slim with an athletic build. The voluptuous women I know are so happy and telling everyone to love and own their curves. They own their own kind of beautiful. Own your own kind of beautiful.

The media tells us that being a size zero is so in. Guess what! You're in. No matter what shape or size you are, you are perfect.You are wonderful. You are you. A limited edition. It's okay to love carbs and eat all the most amazing foods in the world. I do the same daily. I love food. 
I took this photo ages ago. It was moments before I devoured an entire cake by myself. I loved every moment and I do not regret it.

Everyone goes through moments or periods where who they are and what they look like are their least favorite things. It's a common thing among us humans. If you're a size zero, own it. If you're a 2X, own it. If you're everything and anything in between, own it. We're all beautiful. We're all rock stars. You're beautiful and the crap social media put in our heads is wrong. 
It's time that we take a stand. We should empower each other. Be kind to each other. Spread love. Smile at a stranger. Say, "Good morning." Give a compliment. 
And always remember...

You are a beautiful, one of a kind, masterpiece. 

All the love as always. xx


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