30 November 2016

Instagram, aesthetics, and complications.

Is it me or is Instagram just complicated? I don't mean the app itself. The app is extremely easy to use. I mean the whole aesthetics thing. Every image matches the previous one and they're all pictures of different versions of the same thing. Can someone help me?
I absolutely suck at aesthetics. Anyone who has been following this blog knows how indecisive I am. Now I'm suppose to follow this blogger rule. Originally my photos were always in color. Then they were simply black and white. Black and white photos are my favorite. Since I never edited my photos, I was able to save lots of time. Then my indecisive ways took over and I am now back to colored photos. 
Aesthetics on any social media platform is just complicated. I can't keep up. I want to do one thing, my brain and mood says to do another. Way to be at one with myself! Good job, Darianne. (lol)
Anyways, I'm not really sure about the aesthetics thing. I get bored so easily. There goes my theme again. If I manage to master the art of aesthetics, it would be a miracle.
Below is the start of another attempt at Instagram perfection. With the help of the We Heart It app and the tumblr app, I used some photos that have inspired me and shared them on IG. All of the other photos are photos that I have taken or have been taken of me. Lets hope, for the sake of my sanity, it works out this time.

All the love. xx



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