31 December 2016

What's in my travel bag?

'Tis the season for travelling last minute for the holidays. I recently had to pack in less than four hours or I would have missed Christmas at home. Usually I don't leave it for last minute. This time was different. I thought there'd be buses running on Christmas Eve. I never had a problem with the bus before. Something told me to check online. It turns out I had four hours until the last bus. I hauled a heavy suitcase because I wasn't quite sure how long I'd spend at home and my travel bag which seemed to be bigger than I was at the moment. Note to self: Invest in proper travel bag. For now I had to make due with what I already have.
Whenever I am going on a trip I always ask myself "how can I kill time." I am the kind of person who is unable to sit still when there's nothing to do. I always need to find something... Anything. Without something to pass the time my seat neighbor will hate me. Oops!

For this trip I packed a book. Eat, Pray, Love has been on my To Read list for a while. I've always loved to read. Reading takes me into another world. It's always a new adventure. I've only just started the book, but it seems promising. I sat completely still the whole time. I also saw the movie. Does that count?
There's also my camera. My camera goes everywhere with me. I always seem to capture moments and anything else that stops me in my tracks.  I love memories in the form of photos, but they usually play out in my head like an indie movie. Capturing my adventures as I'm going about my day is fun. 
I'm currently back in Napanoch. That means non stop photos of snow.  I can't wait! If you read my previous post, then you know that I love this place. I may even go sledding later. Anyone's with me?
 One can't forget chargers and extra batteries. I always make sure I have them. No one wants there camera battery to run out of juice when they're to take an awesome photo. Worst feeling EVER.
My laptop is important as well.  When traveling I like to use the complimentary wifi. Who doesn't like free wifi? With access to the world wide web I can work. How else will I spend my days blogging? All I do with my spare time is come up with blog ideas and then completely leave them in an unpublished archive. I try not to spend my holidays on the internet. I like to enjoy myself. While the internet is awesome, it's nice to just be in the moment. I've been in the moment for quite awhile now.
Food and water is important as well. Saying that I love to eat is an understatement. I am probably stuffing my face with food anytime I can. I LOVE FOOD. Snacks are important. If I don't have snacks, my stomach would have a conversation with anyone who would listen. Then there is the choice of beverage. I love drinking water. Staying hydrated is important. Water is good for the soul. It is for mine anyways. 
This trip has been spent with my family and we'll be hauling our butts to Napanoch for New Years Eve. Christmas was fun and now it's time to say goodbye to this year.

I hope everyone has been enjoying this holiday season. 2016 is finally over. Thank goodness for that! Instead of dwelling on how 2016 was just awful for the world, lets move forward into 2017 with an optimistic attitude. 

Happy New Years! xx


25 December 2016

Merry Christmas with love!

Exam week is probably the most anxious and stressful week for a student. It's mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. It is for me anyways. I've worked my butt off, just like everyone else, to get some good grades and now I am in need of a vacation. 

The moment the professor congratulated me on completing the course is the moment I did a happy dance. Then I attempted to moon walk my way out of the class room and sprint off campus. I'm not kidding.

This day was awesome because I said goodbye to school for the next month. No one understood my excitement for this time off because I was beyond excited to be reenrolled back into uni.

So, off I went tripping over my feet and apologizing to anyone I accidently hit with my bag. With my energy now bouncing off of any surface I passed, I headed straight for the Village. I find it to be therapeutic when I got there. The Village is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city and it's been awhile since I was able to hang about. Once I got off the subway, I found my sweet escape. 

I trolled about for some photos while occasionally giggling to myself. There was some hot apple cider and some more happy dancing. There was also some occasional chatting with strangers and some more apple cider. Everyone was think the same thing: Christmas is finally here.

The Christams spirit is alive everywhere I turn. It's a beautiful thing. As I'm writing this I am thinking about how thankful I am for everyone in my life. This year I asked Santa for jolly laughter and love all around. I don't really want anything else. Happiness for everyone is all I'm asking for.

So, have a holly jolly Christmas. I hope Santa got you everything you asked for. I wish happiness and love for you and the world around.

All the love. xx



13 December 2016

Lousy days go away!

I had a lousy day recently. It was the kind of day where the domino effect was in action. My alarm didn't go off. The MTA almost stopped functioning. I missed my 11 a.m. class. How can I wake up on the right side of bed and watch everything go wrong the moment I step out of it. Only when I realized what time it was did things start to go wrong. 

Then there was yesterday. I watched my dog get picked up via Facetime by a foster family to be taken care of until he can be adopted. My mom and I both aren't allowed pets. So, I watched as my heart broke. I could hear my heart shattering. At least we know he will be loved and taken care of.

Anyways, lousy days are inevitable. No one really knows when they'll have one. If we did, we'd avoid them. Sometimes they're the toughest days ever and other times they're just the kind of day that doesn't want to end.

Listen, we all have lousy days. Instead of letting it consume us, lets try to make it better. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and there are a lot of things that we can do to make it go right. Here's how:

1. Remember everything will be okay. A bad moment or bad day doesn't mean that it's a bad life or the end of the world. As a person who has battled depression and still deals with anxiety, I can testify to this. Some moments won't be as amazing as others. Believe that things will get better even when it feels like it won't. The sun always rises in the end.

2. Take breaths.  Deep breaths are essential. Bad days makes our patience run thin. I'd know a thing or two about that. Make sure to take breaths. Close your eyes while doing so. Sometime it will feel like the world has slowed down while you're standing still. When you open your eyes, you'll feel the difference.

3. Universal kindness. Kindness is a universal language that makes everyone feel better. Small things matter. A stranger smiled at you. You held a door for a stranger. You gave a compliment. You received praise for just being you. Fill your day with kindness. If no one else around seems to be doing so, then take initiative. Making someone else smile will make you smile. It will make you feel a bit better.

4. Treat yourself. I don't mean spend all of the rent money or buy a plane ticket for a vacation in St. Barths. That's a bit drastic. I mean do something simple.

  • Have a candle lit bubble bath.Those Lush bath bombs are great as well. 
  • Go to your favorite park or place in the city/town you live in.
  • Enjoy a meal you don't get to enjoy often.
  • Binge watch television shows and movies on Netflix. ( I watched the Narnia movie yesterday)

5. Be kind to yourself. When having bad days, we seem to forget about how special we really are. We are SPECIAL. It's the truth. When we have bad days, our frustrations seem to blur our minds. One mishap can lead to us saying negative things about ourselves. Remember to:
  • Smile at yourself. 
  • Try to be more patient with yourself. It's not your fault the universe is out of wack.
  • Forgive yourself. We think it's our fault, but it's not. When it is our fault, consider that mistake a lesson learned.
6. Cry if that's how you feel. I'm not a crier, but I am learning about  my emotions everyday. There's nothing wrong with emotions. If you're having a really bad day and you can't help it, let it out. Crying doesn't mean you're weak. Crying can sometimes be part of the healing process. Crying can make a person feel better. I cried plenty yesterday. It's okay. Promise.

7. Meditate. Meditation can be done anywhere. I've meditated in the park. I've meditated at school (sometime in class). You don't have to sit with pretzel legs to meditate. Find your center wherever you are. Close your eyes. Breathe until you're calm.

8. Let it go. If one thing goes wrong, it feels like the world has stop spinning. Don't let that one thing hinder the rest of your day.

9. Listen to your favorite song. Some of my favorite songs are sad songs, but they inspire me and remind me about how lucky I am to have a chance at life. Our favorite songs are meant to make us feel better. Our favorite songs are meant to inspire us and put a pep in our step. Sometimes they're the reason our hips don't lie. So get to shaking.

10. Tomorrow never dies.  Not only is that a 5 Seconds of Summer song, it's also the truth. Today might be lousy, sucky, crappy or any other adjective you'd like to use; but tomorrow is a chance to make it better. Tomorrow is a new beginning. When it's time to sleep, think of all the good that can and will come out of tomorrow. It's  second chance. Sweet dreams.

"Oh, the sun will rise
Like a flame ignites
We're not done till we say it's over.
We won't fade away.
Oh, the sun will rise
Tomorrow never dies."

** Photos of me by Joey Salcedo

12 December 2016


I’ve made tons of acquaintances, friends, and I’ve got colleagues. I’ve had those friends that were supposed to be my “friend” and it turned out they weren’t. Sometime I lost contact. Other times it just wasn’t right.
Friendship is very important to me. Just like it is to anyone else. It’s always important to have someone to talk to, laugh with, and just be yourself with. We all need friends.
At this age, people say you are supposed to meet those friends that you will have forever. Sounds great, right? It seems to me that it’s always a trial and error with everything and anything in life.

My friends are just as weird as I am and I love it. We talk about boys, boys in bands, love, life, sex, music, plans, goals, etc. Just like any group of friends we’ve got each others backs.

First, there's the mother of the group. She’s the one I tell all my shit too. I swear I feel like a burden, but she always tells me that she doesn’t mind. She's so smart. When I need to know something, I just use her as my personal Google. She’s a bit cooky. She’s friends with me after all. She’s kind. She’s always willing to help. She’s not a pushover though. She fangirls with me. She goes to concerts with me. She's that girl and she's freaking awesome. 
My other dearest friend is just crazy. It's the Latina in her. She’s another one that I talk to about life and troubles. Her eyebrows alone let you know when war is coming. It’s all in the face. Her eyebrows are on point though. She always makes me laugh and comes up with the most random things to say. If I want to do a freak show in the middle of the street and start dancing, she will. She’s was teaching me about lipstick. I’m twenty-two and still can’t figure it out. She’s very loving and when she’s got something to say, you will hear her mouth. 
Lastly, there is my best guy friend. We don’t see each other much. He’s usually busy working so damn hard (I love you Joey). We’ve been friends since high school. We are the kind of friends that stick out like sore thumbs when we’re out together. I don’t really care. I love him. He’s awesome. He makes me laugh. He’s always there to cheer me up. We met in our 11th grade English class. We had the coolest teacher. We would sit in the back of the class with his Skullcandy headphones an listen to metal and talk about music. He’s tech savvy. He brings me back down to earth. When he’s around, you will have a great time. He crack jokes. He’s great at impression. Most importantly, he is just an all around great guy. I’m his punchline and he’s mine and we understand. We can joke about each other and never be offended. We just get it. We get each other. He truly is the best.
We're all busy adulting (the practice of being an actual adult). Everyone has work or school and we don't get to see each other often, but we're here for each other no matter what. They’re the girls and guy that I always go to when I hit a bump in the road. They’re my homies. My best friends. My confidants. I love them for who they are and they’ve accepted me and welcomed me with open arms. What’s more perfect than that?


04 December 2016

Life is easier with a clothing rack.

For two years I kept telling myself that I would redo my room. Of course I had other financial obligations. I never did it. Finally I gave in and just went for it. This was the best investment ever. I love my space.

One of the major things that I invested in was a clothing rack. Now I can vouch for having one in your living space. The clothing rack I bought came from Ikea. It was inexpensive and it's nothing fancy. Because I wasn't sure about if it was a good idea in the beginning, I didn't want to spend big bucks.

Before I bought a rack, my organization skills was almost nonexistent. My clothes would be everywhere. It took me twice as long to get dressed. When I got home late from leaving my college's library, I'd drop whatever wherever. Did I mention all of my clothes don't fit in my closet?

Life got easy after buying a rack. My minimalist theme kicked in. Clothes weren't everywhere. I now get to display my style. The level of simplicity is unreal when I am choosing an OOTD. Yes, I am still indecisive when I am choosing what to wear, but being indecisive just got a lot easier. 

The rack that I chose originally held four coats and everything else you see on the rack. It has a blanket scarf and three bags hanging from the side. The rack is great for the price. It comes with wheels which is great for the times when I rearrange my furniture. 

For anyone who wants a clothing rack or is thinking of investing in one, go for it. They are definitely worth it.

Here are a few clothing racks that I love:


02 December 2016

Make anxiety your b****.

I am an overthinker. I worry about things I shouldn't. I freak out when things get too much and find myself in a hole trying to hide from life. I've ran from opportunities because my brain worked overtime. I haven't had any anxiety attacks lately, but I still have loads of anxiety (thank you college). Still, I know what it's like to crawl into a ball and cry because everything is overwhelming. It feels like anxiety is in control sometimes and can become crippling. It's sucks and I know I'm not alone.

I've learned that anxiety is different for everyone. Just remember that no matter who you are, anxiety doesn't control you. Anxiety isn't who you are. Anxiety doesn't define you. I'm no expert. I've only learned from experience. 

Here's how I make anxiety my bitch and how you can make it yours:
  1. Sleep. I know as an adult or as a student sleep feels like a foreign concept. I learned that being anxious and sleep deprived is probably the worst combination. Sleep is your friend. I know it's difficult to sleep when that paper is due in less that twelve hours or there's just so much to worry about. Remember that your health is more important.
  2. Find an outlet. Apart from journaling, I've taken up photography again. I'm no professional, but I like to capture moments or things that inspire me and make me smile. Having an outlet can help take your mind away from what's causing your anxiety. Using something you love as an outlet would bring you joy. Joy means that your stress and anxiety levels are decreasing. That's exactly what we're aiming for. So take your pick.
  3. Have a laugh. Everyone bumps their head every now and then. Laugh it off. It's okay to make fun of yourself. Sometime we need it. Laughing is a true remedy. Having some good laughs per day will make anyone feel better.
  4. Friends. The beauty and positivity that comes from friendship is so underrated. Have a friends day. Go out or stay home and enjoy each others company. Surrounding yourself with amazing people will make anyone feel like the sun is shining directly on them even when it's not.
  5. Be Active. Stay hydrated. Eat better. I'm NOT saying you need to join a gym, drink gallons of water, or go on a diet. Hear me out. Being active, staying hydrated, and eating better is all about taking care of your body. There's your mental state. There's your physical state. There's your emotional state. All are equally important. When one is out of whack, everything feels completely off balance.
  6. Be positive. I can't stress this enough. No one is all rainbows, unicorns, and sunshines all the time. Try your best to find the greater good even when your anxiety you feel like your suffocating. I almost switched my major because I felt like I was losing my passion for what I wanted to do. That wasn't the case. College can suck the fun and life out of pursuing your degree. I just try to remember that everything will pay off. The brighter side of things is always the better side.
  7. Drink tea or hot chocolate. I'm not sure how many times I recommended tea when someone was feeling stressed or anxious. I was never a fan of tea until I found TAZO tea. It used to be sold at Starbucks. After tasting the Wild Sweet Orange flavor, I was hooked. I'm not sure how I went without it. FYI, I sweeten all of my tea. Can't drink it otherwise. Beside my new love for tea, tea itself soothes the mind, body, and soul. If it's winter and you don't like tea, drink hot chocolate. I've never met anyone who didn't smile after having a cup of delicious hot chocolate.
  8. Perfection isn't everything. These are words straight from my therapist. Sort of. I have a habit of not handing in work if it's not worthy of an A. I take pride in my papers. I like perfection. Remember that trying to perfect a paper is one thing. Trying to perfect life is another. There isn't such a thing as a "perfect" life. We can't control the curveballs life throws our way. We can only control how we respond to it. Just do your best and the rest will play out the way it's supposed to.
  9. Music make me lose control. Besides that line being from a Missy Elliot song, which I love, I believe in the power of music. Music brings people together. Music shines light on a clouded day. Music can help lift a person up when they're down. Music can be a person's go to for motivation. Find the tune that matches your vibe and all yourself to feel. 
  10. Gratitude. I've been anxious about the future plenty of times. What if I'm not a bajillionaire by 25? Honestly, who cares? Obviously we do. Instead of putting all our energy into focusing on the future, lets take a second and enjoy the present. Lets be thankful for what we have now. They're so many things to be thankful for in front of us and all we have to is open our eyes. Of course I'd like some Saint Laurent shoes, but I am thankful for what I have. Material things will come later. Right not enjoy the substance in your life. You'll see how amazing thing really are and how they could be.
  11. Talk to someone.  I have a therapist. I am proud to say that. I have someone who tells my anxiety to have several seats. I have someone who listens and helps me. Ty there are times where I try to avoid things, but my therapist is persistent. I don't get away with anything and I always feel better after our session. Even if you don't seek professional help, find someone who will sit and listen to you. Find someone who will not judge you and is open to discussion. Everyone needs someone to talk to. When all else fails, having a someone to lean on is what you'll need. 
I hoped this helps you in any way, shape, or form. If you ever want to talk, DM me on any social media platform and I will respond as soon as possible. 

Also, I hope everyone is enjoying this weird fall/winter weather that occasionally feels like June.
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