Exam week is probably the most anxious and stressful week for a student. It's mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. It is for me anyways. I've worked my butt off, just like everyone else, to get some good grades and now I am in need of a vacation. 

The moment the professor congratulated me on completing the course is the moment I did a happy dance. Then I attempted to moon walk my way out of the class room and sprint off campus. I'm not kidding.

This day was awesome because I said goodbye to school for the next month. No one understood my excitement for this time off because I was beyond excited to be reenrolled back into uni.

So, off I went tripping over my feet and apologizing to anyone I accidently hit with my bag. With my energy now bouncing off of any surface I passed, I headed straight for the Village. I find it to be therapeutic when I got there. The Village is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city and it's been awhile since I was able to hang about. Once I got off the subway, I found my sweet escape. 

I trolled about for some photos while occasionally giggling to myself. There was some hot apple cider and some more happy dancing. There was also some occasional chatting with strangers and some more apple cider. Everyone was think the same thing: Christmas is finally here.

The Christams spirit is alive everywhere I turn. It's a beautiful thing. As I'm writing this I am thinking about how thankful I am for everyone in my life. This year I asked Santa for jolly laughter and love all around. I don't really want anything else. Happiness for everyone is all I'm asking for.

So, have a holly jolly Christmas. I hope Santa got you everything you asked for. I wish happiness and love for you and the world around.

All the love. xx