04 December 2016

Life is easier with a clothing rack.

For two years I kept telling myself that I would redo my room. Of course I had other financial obligations. I never did it. Finally I gave in and just went for it. This was the best investment ever. I love my space.

One of the major things that I invested in was a clothing rack. Now I can vouch for having one in your living space. The clothing rack I bought came from Ikea. It was inexpensive and it's nothing fancy. Because I wasn't sure about if it was a good idea in the beginning, I didn't want to spend big bucks.

Before I bought a rack, my organization skills was almost nonexistent. My clothes would be everywhere. It took me twice as long to get dressed. When I got home late from leaving my college's library, I'd drop whatever wherever. Did I mention all of my clothes don't fit in my closet?

Life got easy after buying a rack. My minimalist theme kicked in. Clothes weren't everywhere. I now get to display my style. The level of simplicity is unreal when I am choosing an OOTD. Yes, I am still indecisive when I am choosing what to wear, but being indecisive just got a lot easier. 

The rack that I chose originally held four coats and everything else you see on the rack. It has a blanket scarf and three bags hanging from the side. The rack is great for the price. It comes with wheels which is great for the times when I rearrange my furniture. 

For anyone who wants a clothing rack or is thinking of investing in one, go for it. They are definitely worth it.

Here are a few clothing racks that I love:


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