13 December 2016

Lousy days go away!

I had a lousy day recently. It was the kind of day where the domino effect was in action. My alarm didn't go off. The MTA almost stopped functioning. I missed my 11 a.m. class. How can I wake up on the right side of bed and watch everything go wrong the moment I step out of it. Only when I realized what time it was did things start to go wrong. 

Then there was yesterday. I watched my dog get picked up via Facetime by a foster family to be taken care of until he can be adopted. My mom and I both aren't allowed pets. So, I watched as my heart broke. I could hear my heart shattering. At least we know he will be loved and taken care of.

Anyways, lousy days are inevitable. No one really knows when they'll have one. If we did, we'd avoid them. Sometimes they're the toughest days ever and other times they're just the kind of day that doesn't want to end.

Listen, we all have lousy days. Instead of letting it consume us, lets try to make it better. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and there are a lot of things that we can do to make it go right. Here's how:

1. Remember everything will be okay. A bad moment or bad day doesn't mean that it's a bad life or the end of the world. As a person who has battled depression and still deals with anxiety, I can testify to this. Some moments won't be as amazing as others. Believe that things will get better even when it feels like it won't. The sun always rises in the end.

2. Take breaths.  Deep breaths are essential. Bad days makes our patience run thin. I'd know a thing or two about that. Make sure to take breaths. Close your eyes while doing so. Sometime it will feel like the world has slowed down while you're standing still. When you open your eyes, you'll feel the difference.

3. Universal kindness. Kindness is a universal language that makes everyone feel better. Small things matter. A stranger smiled at you. You held a door for a stranger. You gave a compliment. You received praise for just being you. Fill your day with kindness. If no one else around seems to be doing so, then take initiative. Making someone else smile will make you smile. It will make you feel a bit better.

4. Treat yourself. I don't mean spend all of the rent money or buy a plane ticket for a vacation in St. Barths. That's a bit drastic. I mean do something simple.

  • Have a candle lit bubble bath.Those Lush bath bombs are great as well. 
  • Go to your favorite park or place in the city/town you live in.
  • Enjoy a meal you don't get to enjoy often.
  • Binge watch television shows and movies on Netflix. ( I watched the Narnia movie yesterday)

5. Be kind to yourself. When having bad days, we seem to forget about how special we really are. We are SPECIAL. It's the truth. When we have bad days, our frustrations seem to blur our minds. One mishap can lead to us saying negative things about ourselves. Remember to:
  • Smile at yourself. 
  • Try to be more patient with yourself. It's not your fault the universe is out of wack.
  • Forgive yourself. We think it's our fault, but it's not. When it is our fault, consider that mistake a lesson learned.
6. Cry if that's how you feel. I'm not a crier, but I am learning about  my emotions everyday. There's nothing wrong with emotions. If you're having a really bad day and you can't help it, let it out. Crying doesn't mean you're weak. Crying can sometimes be part of the healing process. Crying can make a person feel better. I cried plenty yesterday. It's okay. Promise.

7. Meditate. Meditation can be done anywhere. I've meditated in the park. I've meditated at school (sometime in class). You don't have to sit with pretzel legs to meditate. Find your center wherever you are. Close your eyes. Breathe until you're calm.

8. Let it go. If one thing goes wrong, it feels like the world has stop spinning. Don't let that one thing hinder the rest of your day.

9. Listen to your favorite song. Some of my favorite songs are sad songs, but they inspire me and remind me about how lucky I am to have a chance at life. Our favorite songs are meant to make us feel better. Our favorite songs are meant to inspire us and put a pep in our step. Sometimes they're the reason our hips don't lie. So get to shaking.

10. Tomorrow never dies.  Not only is that a 5 Seconds of Summer song, it's also the truth. Today might be lousy, sucky, crappy or any other adjective you'd like to use; but tomorrow is a chance to make it better. Tomorrow is a new beginning. When it's time to sleep, think of all the good that can and will come out of tomorrow. It's  second chance. Sweet dreams.

"Oh, the sun will rise
Like a flame ignites
We're not done till we say it's over.
We won't fade away.
Oh, the sun will rise
Tomorrow never dies."

** Photos of me by Joey Salcedo

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