'Tis the season for travelling last minute for the holidays. I recently had to pack in less than four hours or I would have missed Christmas at home. Usually I don't leave it for last minute. This time was different. I thought there'd be buses running on Christmas Eve. I never had a problem with the bus before. Something told me to check online. It turns out I had four hours until the last bus. I hauled a heavy suitcase because I wasn't quite sure how long I'd spend at home and my travel bag which seemed to be bigger than I was at the moment. Note to self: Invest in proper travel bag. For now I had to make due with what I already have.
Whenever I am going on a trip I always ask myself "how can I kill time." I am the kind of person who is unable to sit still when there's nothing to do. I always need to find something... Anything. Without something to pass the time my seat neighbor will hate me. Oops!

For this trip I packed a book. Eat, Pray, Love has been on my To Read list for a while. I've always loved to read. Reading takes me into another world. It's always a new adventure. I've only just started the book, but it seems promising. I sat completely still the whole time. I also saw the movie. Does that count?
There's also my camera. My camera goes everywhere with me. I always seem to capture moments and anything else that stops me in my tracks.  I love memories in the form of photos, but they usually play out in my head like an indie movie. Capturing my adventures as I'm going about my day is fun. 
I'm currently back in Napanoch. That means non stop photos of snow.  I can't wait! If you read my previous post, then you know that I love this place. I may even go sledding later. Anyone's with me?
 One can't forget chargers and extra batteries. I always make sure I have them. No one wants there camera battery to run out of juice when they're to take an awesome photo. Worst feeling EVER.
My laptop is important as well.  When traveling I like to use the complimentary wifi. Who doesn't like free wifi? With access to the world wide web I can work. How else will I spend my days blogging? All I do with my spare time is come up with blog ideas and then completely leave them in an unpublished archive. I try not to spend my holidays on the internet. I like to enjoy myself. While the internet is awesome, it's nice to just be in the moment. I've been in the moment for quite awhile now.
Food and water is important as well. Saying that I love to eat is an understatement. I am probably stuffing my face with food anytime I can. I LOVE FOOD. Snacks are important. If I don't have snacks, my stomach would have a conversation with anyone who would listen. Then there is the choice of beverage. I love drinking water. Staying hydrated is important. Water is good for the soul. It is for mine anyways. 
This trip has been spent with my family and we'll be hauling our butts to Napanoch for New Years Eve. Christmas was fun and now it's time to say goodbye to this year.

I hope everyone has been enjoying this holiday season. 2016 is finally over. Thank goodness for that! Instead of dwelling on how 2016 was just awful for the world, lets move forward into 2017 with an optimistic attitude. 

Happy New Years! xx