2016 was a year that many people wouldn't want to talk about again. From politics to the loss of so many people, it's been tough. Personal issues may have been another reason why 2016 wasn't a good year.

Even though 2016 was a tough year, I've managed to grow as a person and I'm still working on myself. I went back to school. I did well and I'm proud of myself. Those late nights, near anxiety attacks, actual anxiety attacks, and beyond emotional moments have been worth it. I also managed to stay positive throughout all this entire year. I've had moments of doubts like everyone else, but I managed to stay true.

Today is January 1, 2017. This is a new page, a new chapter, and a new beginning. There are opportunities and adventures that are awaiting me and you. Are you ready? I am. I'm excited for a fresh start and to continue on a positive journey.

With a new year comes new resolutions. We make them and the best of us usually break them. It's tradition. I had many resolutions for 2016. The most important one was to find the frequency that I vibe best with and go with it. I'm still working on it.

Every now and then I mention driftwood (in case you have no idea) and this year I got even better with "freeing myself from the troubles of lately" and the occasional "float on by like a piece of driftwood."

I have high hopes for 2017.

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Let go of fears and just go.
2. Go on more adventures.
3. Be patient.
4. Continue to be kind.
5. Give a compliment a day.
6. Make every day as poetic as the last.
7. Write out the words I hadn't the chance to speak out loud after each day.
8. Meet new, wonderful people.
9. Dance until everything is better than ever,
10. Be the best version of me I could possibly be and continue to grow.