"What time is it? Summertime! It's our vacation."

Hiya! I am currently doing backflips. Do you know that feeling when your professor or teacher announces the end of the semester or school year? With final exams coming in the next week, I have a sudden case of senioritis. I must keep focus! I've been anticipating the end of the semester since the first day of school. Anyways, that's enough of that.

'Tis that season again. Okay! Not that season. The season of summer love and adventure. Are you ready? I am. I am ready to turn off my alarm clock and sleep in. This is where I insert the part where I romanticize summer. Ready? Here goes. Bonfires, beaches, sparklers, staying hydrated, nice tans, hot guys, summer romance, and adventure. Did I do a decent job?  I'm ready for it all. I've just about tossed the school books aside and brought out my dresses. I think the people around me are realist. They're sick of me.  A little fantasy doesn't hurt anyone. I am keeping the dreamer within me alive. That dreamer is ready to try new things. The idea of summer makes me giggle like a teenage girl talking to her crush. I think I may be in too deep.

Life is being lived and everyone is in love.

Last summer I fell in love with the night. I fell in love in the moment. In my end-of-summer post, I poured my heart into my final nights of summer. This summer I plan on pouring my heart into every day and night this season allows.

I fell in love with this summer evening like it is my first love. It was like a scene in a movie. A scene where there aren't any words. There is just music. Everything is moving in slow and fast motion. It's like the scene in the movie where there is just pure happiness. Life is being lived and everyone is in love. Even if it's just for the night. Strangers are meeting and everyone is becoming one. A true and happy blur. 

I'm not quite sure what my plans are for the summer to come. I didn't want to plan anything. There is enough stress in having a schedule. I do know that I have a concert coming up in a couple of weeks that I am excited for. I'm just going where the wind blows. I'm following my heart. After stressing about school and all the course work, I owe it to myself to be free. So, wherever my daydreaming and night thinking takes me, I'll be here to write it out in my very public diary. Stay tuned.

 "May the odds ever be in your favor."

To everyone out there taking final exams or are working hard for something, I wish you all the best. To the graduates of 2017, best wishes to you and your future. To those who want to fall in love this summer, go ahead and fall in love with whatever and whomever you'd like. To those who want to be free, butterfly fly away. The world is your oyster. To those who are dreaming, dream on. The world is more colorful because of you. To everyone and anyone, I wish you the best summer ever. Cheers to Summer '17!

All the love as always,