06 June 2017

Current State of Mind pt. 2: A celebration is in order.

 A celebration is in order.

In the photo above is my baby sister. How cute is she? Yes, I know she's not a baby. We're only two years apart, but my sisters are my babies. Yes, she is taller than me. In fact, I am the eldest of four and the shortest. Lets move on. My lovely sister has graduated today! She's on her way to becoming a lawyer. I couldn't be more proud. As a mom, a sister, and a student, she is doing a wonderful job. 

I'll never be able to express how proud of her I am. When she was a baby and I was two, I would poke her until I was bored. Now we're all grown up and she's been that friend. She's the friend you can't stand because they don't study for exams, but still manages to get an A. She's the friend who is good at everything and doesn't bother to try. She's the friend who manages to be everywhere and nowhere at once. Hey, sis! Teach me your ways.

Sis, I love you to bits and pieces. You deserve everything coming your way. You've pushed through sleepless nights and made this far. Never give up. No matter where you go in life, you will only get the best. You'll always be the best. You never settle and you never take no for an answer. Congratulations on graduating today! It's only the beginning.

All the love as always,
Your annoying older sister

 Family & Celebrations

My family and I got together a couple of days ago to celebrate my sister's accomplishments. There was a lot of frolicking, dancing, skipping, bantering, and eating. Family reunion don't happen quite often. Everyone is busy adulting. When they do happen, there's nothing but laughing and great memories being made. 

My mom and youngest sister came to visit and celebrate.  All five of us together means trouble. I'm only half kidding. My sisters and I don't get to go home often because we're in school. So, when we can, we try to come together. We have an entire week together before my mom and youngest sister have to go back home. Lets see who gets on who nerves first.

As for me...

Well, remember how excited I was for the summer holiday? Want to hear a LOL? I signed up for summer courses. I clearly didn't enough of my anxiety during the last two semesters. The offer to take free courses this summer was offered to me and I couldn't turn it down. These classes are a requirement to graduate. So, I am taking advantage of a wonderful offer. Half of the summer will be stressful, but if an great opportunity is presented to me, I must take it. I'm just happy it's not the entire summer. I still get to enjoy the second half which is good. Because I signed up for the first summer session and not the second, I get time off before the I have to go back and pull my hair out. Yay me!

Anyways, cheers to my sister and all the other graduates of 2017! Cheers to half a summer vacation. 

All the love. xx



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