09 July 2017

Life as a hopeless romantic.

Life as a hopeless romantic.

It's 7 a.m. once more. As I am sat here listening to the rain and drinking my coffee, I let my attention mosey about. This morning I am typing away while listening to Someone New by Hozier. It’s quietly playing in the background as usual. The song itself reminded me of a conversation I had the other day. I’ll paint a picture.

My friends and I were sat in the school’s café while waiting for our first lecture. We were discussing many things. Then love became a dominant topic we had to discuss. There were three sides to this discussion and the people involved chose a side. The first side believes a person can’t just fall in love. They believe love takes time to build. The second side was the middle ground. They believe in love at first sight. They also believe that it’s hard to really believe in love at first sight because of our generation. The people who stood in the middle then went on to say that they also believe love may be a figment of our imagination. Then there’s my side. As a secret hopeless romantic, I believe in love all around. I believe that love can happen instantly. A person can fall in love with a flower. A person can fall in love with the warm caresses of the summer breeze. A person can fall in love with another human in a moments time. Maybe I’m looking at things through rose-colored glasses, but I did say I am a hopeless romantic. I can’t be the only one.

Have you ever met someone who just took your breath away? It doesn’t have to be the way they look. I’m talking about the canvas they paint for you. The art in the gallery that is hung for you to perceive. The fine art that embodies who they really are. The soft silk of their words causes a movie to play in your head as you take in every adjective used to describe who they are. Maybe it was something instead of someone. A sunflower stood tall and slowly swayed to the warm caresses of the summer breeze. You wanted to pick it, but you knew that something that beautiful should be loved from afar. Maybe it was the cool kiss of the ocean on your warm, bare skin. Goosebumps became visible all over your body and suddenly butterflies fluttered around aimlessly in your stomach. It’s just the ocean, but in that moment the ocean is personified into something more. Love isn’t conventional. Falling in love isn’t conventional. There are no rules. Love has no boundaries.

While having this discussion, I challenged my friends to try it my way. I asked them to look through rose-colored glasses when they’re looking, viewing, and seeing life, people, and things. Somewhere along the lines, I’ll ask how it’s going for them. Maybe it's all the French films I've seen, but I encourage you and anyone else to try it out. I dare you. The world is more beautiful when we choose love. At least to me it is. Let me know what your thoughts are on the subject are.

All the love as always. xx

Darianne ♥


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