13 August 2017

What is August?

What is August?

What is August?
On the surface, she’s warmth.
She’s amorous.

What is August?
August is a symphony of pages turning in an old, weathered book somewhere in the Parisian countryside.
She’s that one last hoorah.

What is August?
August: the smell of salt-water carried by a breeze
She’s the smell of burning firewood on a beach.

August starts off as a yellow sunflower that dances in the green of the land she was born.
She longs for September knowing she can’t delay.
She changes her stripes and leaves us with the burgundies and the browns.
August hums quiet promises of falling leaves.

August sees she’s the reason people crave October, but don’t fret.
She knows February justifies why she’s desired most.
She never truly says goodbye
Just au revoir.
See you later.



  1. Your poem is lovely. Enjoy your day! :)

  2. I'm enjoying your Sunday series. Good job!


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