All photo credit to my friend Assata.
The first time I went to Philadelphia was for a One Direction concert. It was during that time where I would I fall in love with the historical city. While One Direction was well worth each trip I'd take for a concert, so was the city itself. Since August 2014, I've been planning my return to Philadelphia.
For years, my best mate and I talked about the funny memories that came with our first visit. One of the funnier memories is when a girl at the 1D show fell on me causing a domino effect. I'd fall on my friend and knock off her faux specs. She'd yell "I can't see" and realize that her glasses are fake. I would have a limp for the rest of the trip. Following that incident, my stubbornness would get the best of me. We would go out for pizza. My friend would offer to help me. I'd refuse and ultimately hop right into a puddle. Our history in Philadelphia would leave us with many laughs and a want to return as soon as we could. It has only taken four years for my return, but it was well worth the wait.


We arrived at our hotel super excited about our time in Philadelphia. We would get to create new memories and celebrate my birthday a few days later. It was a hassle trying to get to the hotel. It turned out the Vice President was staying there too. When we finally got inside the hotel, we were amazed at how good it looked on the inside. Hotels do play tricks on its inhabitants. Looks can be deceiving. Once we dropped our things off, we ran out of the hotel trying to contain our excitement. We remembered a lot about the city. It was exciting. 
We spent a bit of time walking around to familiarize ourselves with the city again. There was loads of giggling and talking about the memories of me falling and hopping into the puddle. My mom FaceTime me more times than I could count. She was excited for us to be having fun. 
When we finally decided on something to do, we ended up at the Blue Cross RiverRink. The place is wonderful. It has an arcade, a carnival with games. and a roller skating rink. My friend and I hadn't been roller skating since we were kids. This was definitely a lot of fun. I've found that I'm a natural when it comes to ice skating and roller skating. It was all about getting back into it. It felt like I never stopped. We skated in circles to the music which left me thinking of the movie Roll Bounce. My friend and I had to take boomerangs of us skating because it was the funniest thing. The best part of the roller rink was the view of the water. It is located on the river which made it all the more magical with the drizzle and eventual downpour. 


We would somehow end up eating Italian food for most of the trip. I am definitely not complaining. I love Italian food. The first place we had dinner was Maggiano's. First, the freshly baked bread with the olive oil concoction that the waitress would make was delicious. I ordered the spaghetti with marinara sauce. It was so damn delicious. I practically inhaled the food. Their freshly done marinara sauce is mouthwatering. My compliments go to the chef. I need their secret formula. 
After we were done filling our bellies with the most delicious foods, we'd end up at a very popular bar. I love bars. I prefer them over clubs and lounges. I love how friendly people are and how the conversations are different from those at clubs and lounges. The atmosphere at this particular place was wonderful. 
The name of the bar is Locust Rendezvous. My friend purposely picked it for its name and great reviews. The staff here is super friendly. I had Whiskey Sour and they make it perfectly. The music is great. They play different genres from different decades. You would never be bored. The place is lively even during the weekdays. It was a Monday when we went and everyone had a good time.
Day 1 in Philadelphia was a success. Stay tuned for more...