23 September 2018


I suddenly realized that we were on borrowed time, that time is always borrowed, and that the lending agency exacts its premium precisely when we are least prepared to pay and need more time to borrow.


This morning has been strange. I’m sat here typing away on my phone when moments ago I was sat around deep in thought like Thomas Shelby of Peaky Blinders. I seem to enjoy the most ordinary things on Sunday. It’s usually just me, my thoughts, and some coffee until I’m ready to write it out and share.
My thoughts for the past week or so have been dancing between “borrowed time” and regrets. Personally, I do not believe in regrets. Once upon of time, I did something I wanted to do and the result weren’t what I wanted. Therefore, that experience is a lesson learned. It is what it is. That’s how I like to think of it, but a lot of people don’t and that’s understandable. I’ve personally spent way too much time swimming in my own mind enough to genuinely understand that there’s no changing the past. So, what’s the point of looking back? The people I’ve spoken to lately have been discussing both subjects in different ways. A lot of the times they find themselves dwelling on the “what ifs”, “I wish I never did that”, and “I wish I had more time.” We’re human. We make mistakes. It’s what we do.
Borrowed time is different. It is something we put our hope in, but is meant to fail. Over some wine, a couple of my friends and I opened space for discussion on anything. Regrets and borrowed time seemed to be on their minds lately and I’ve been all ears. A friend of mine said he regretted dating a certain woman because “in the end she made me feel the need to cry over every Arctic Monkey song. She doesn’t even know the band.” Another friend of mine spoke of her regrets on love. She wish she had more time to turn things around instead of just calling it quits because “life gets hard and sometime people don’t realized how much something is worth until it’s too late.” Being the friend with too may references, I mentioned Call Me By Your Name. It’s a novel, now movie, about a summer romance that happens on borrowed time. Like Elio, my friends spent the time after trying to get a loan on time, but unable to pay the fees when time came to collect. “A moment is all I need to go back and change my regrets to lessons learned,” said one friend who sat listening to me share my beliefs on the matter. Elio, no matter where he was in life, was still living in the moments where time was borrowed and life was bliss. Unfortunately loans are meant to be paid back. Even he knew that.


With the permission of my friends, I share this small, yet significant, amount of time when conversations ran deep on the second glass of wine. Both agreed that they manage to live without the burden of their regrets, but those regrets sometimes sneak back into their thoughts once in awhile. After hearing about Elio, they realized that he is not someone who they wish to be. I offered the idea that future relationships can be the way they take their regrets and turn them around to lessons learned.
As I finish off my coffee and Nick Cave fades in the background, I wish you a life without regrets. Maybe it won’t be easy. Maybe it won’t happen over night, but I hope someday, If you have these regrets, you can turn them into lessons learned.



17 September 2018



There are two things I’ve been anticipating: fashion week and autumn. It’s no secret. Twice a year, New York becomes a very special canvas of expression through clothes. New York is always a special canvas, but this is a specific kind of special. People from all over the world come to walk down runways, watch shows, and show off their best clothes on the streets. Accents get stronger. Friendship and acquaintances are made. Inspiration floats in the air like freshly made bread on a Sunday morning. What’s not to love?
Last night I was walking down Spring Street. I was walking and I stumbled in front of a moving taxi. My legs were tired. I had been out all day. This guy who was beyond dressing to impress said, “I would’ve helped you if you’d fallen.” Luckily I caught myself before I toppled over and the taxi drove over me. The same man was busying himself in a conversation with two women who attended a few runway shows earlier. He noticed the women and introduced himself at one of the shows. He and his friend managed to run into them again that the same night. Between stumbling in front of a taxi and waiting at a corner on Spring Street, I’d come to realize how quick and easy it can be to introduce yourself and make new contacts. Believe me when I say that I aim for friendships, but that takes time. Just saying hello is the start of it all. There’s nothing wrong with a little fun. So why not? Meet people. Go out. Enjoy your youth. At least that’s what I’ve been doing.
Next, there is Autumn. Autumn. Autumn. In my last post, I talked about anticipating autumn. Once autumn starts, Christmas is right around the corner. I love the holidays. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. There’s also my favorites like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, autumnal candles from Bath & Body Works, sweater weather, and the vibrant color of the leaves painting the city as they change colors. There are very few leaves that have changed colors, but it’s a start. If only you can see this Cheshire Cat grin plastered on my face. Ugh!


I’ve come to realize that my biggest fear has never been failing. My biggest fears are not living my best life and wondering “what if” when I’m 80. I’ve never believed in having regrets or regrets in general. Everything is just a lesson learned. Lately, I’ve been talking to myself and thinking out loud. What am I waiting for? No one will hand me a seat at runways. No one will give me a job working for Vogue or any fashion company. No one and I mean NO ONE, will just give me or anyone anything. It’s all about hard work and dedication. Maybe it will take longer than others, but that’s okay. No journey is alike. One should always remain hopeful. If you’re on this journey, be proud you haven’t given up yet. I feel like I’m just starting out. I turned 24 almost two months ago. I’m not too late. No one is ever late or too late. If you work hard to get what you want, someday your dreams will be in your grasp and you’ll be able to grab it. I genuinely believe so. That’s why this NYFW is my favorite. I’m not just talking the talk. I’m walking the walk. I’m going through the process just like everyone else. I will stumble. I may even fall, but I won’t give up. That’s what matters. Someday I will be where I wish to be. When that day comes, I will celebrate and continue to strive because no one should stop when they get what they want. More dreams will come about. More goals will arise and will be accomplished. There’s always so much to do. Just make sure you’re having fun while doing it. Stay passionate about what you do as well. Therefore, you’re not working, but dreaming while you’re awake. x


While I’m being a go-getter, I am cozying up too. It’s a bit early. At least I can admit it. I’m obsessed and in love with all things autumnal. I couldn’t help myself. The weather in New York has been wacky. One day it is cold. The next day it is hot and/or humid. The day after it’s raining. I never know what to wear when it’s 78 degrees. The temperature dropped randomly midday a few days ago and by the night time, it warmed up. Blame global warming. I’m never sure if I’m going to freeze or overheat that day because there weather changes rapidly. This outfit that I am wearing gave me the best of both worlds. I felt confident in it. If you’re like me and you want to cozy up early in your knits and boots go for it. New York isn’t the only place that’s weather has more mood swings than spring.

Sweater H&M
Skirt Forever 21 // Similar here
Boots Forever 21
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LISTEN. I said it earlier. I’ve been talking the talk for ages. So if you roll your eyes, I get it. I’m the kind of person who believes the actions of the person more than words. I’ve been slacking for a while. I always dreamed of big dreams and of doing what I love. I want to set my own rules. I want to be passionate about what I am doing. I want to live out my dreams. That won’t be possible if I continue to sit back and wait. I’ve got to work my a*s off and go for it. I was born a dreamer. It’s a genetic I am thankful for. On my birthday, and even while these photos were being taken, I kept thinking about all that I wish to achieve and knowing it won’t happen if I sit around made me want to get up and take off like the roadrunner and never stop. Life is too short. Nothing is certain. Dreams are dreams until they are made into a reality. There’s so much to be done. My passion burns brighter and brighter every day. I’m keeping my word to myself like I have been for over a year. I will make it happen. Nothing is impossible.

Pop pop would be turnin' in his grave the day I let someone else become the boss of me when there's a boss in me. I'll be damned. 
- Russ, What They Want


There is a fine line between being inspired and comparing yourself or wishing you have what someone else has. I have definitely been inspired. Here are a few:
  • Victoria | InTheFrow: Victoria is the creator of InTheFrow. She has been vlogging and blogging for years. I absolutely adore her and her style. She seems to be a super sweet person and completely down to earth even after her success. Her videos are fun. When I’m multitasking between writing a paper late at night and watching her videos, I don’t really feel like I’m in my apartment brainstorming. I feel like I’m at the same events hanging with all of my favorite bloggers and wearing my favorite designers. Her blog and her vlogs are inclusive. She is relatable. Her clothes are to die for. From outfits to life itself, Victoria has inspired me for years. I aspire to be able to wake up every day, live out my dreams, and have fun doing it. This beauty has inspired me beyond the glitz and glamour of her job as a blogger and vlogger. She is hard working and dedicated. Did I mention she has a Ph.D.? I’m striving to obtain my Ph.D. For now, I’m an undergrad multitasking and working between two dreams.
  • Beverly | Life In Beverly Heels: Beverly, or Bev for short, has been strutting around in her fantastic heels and bold outfits for years. Her outfits always have pops of color. Bev has inspired me in many ways. To me, the most important things she has inspired me to do is step out of my shell and wear those color that makes my skin pop. Colors, the bolder the better, makes my melanin pop in the most beautiful ways. Black girl magic is real. As I got older, I realized that part of letting myself shine is being comfortable in my own skin. Bev struts in her heels in every post like she’s on a runway and her beauty shines through. She’s open and honest. She’s unapologetic. #LoveTheSkinYoureIn She is more than just her shoes. Beverly is a lawyer too. If her positive attitude and wonderful outfits aren’t inspiration enough, she is busy taking over the world or dominating it in court. Go, Beverly!
  • Sophie | Sophie Rosie: This next beauty is Sophie. She is the creator of Sophie Rosie and a co-founder of Girls In Work. She’s a lifestyle blogger who has been open and honest for years. She talks about her struggles like moving to a new city and working a new job. She talks about the things that make her happy like coffee. She gives advice and she is beyond relatable. It ’s a “we all go through it” type of thing. There’s never a time where I feel like I can’t relate. Every read allows me to see things from a different perspective. Reading her blog will show you that you are not alone in the adulting world. We’re all similar in so many ways. We all struggle. I began to be open about my life and struggles a lot more after reading her blog. There’s nothing better than feeling and being relatable. No one is really alone in that sense. Sophie also co-founded Girls In Work this past year which is helpful for women in the workplace or in general. Women tell their story, give advice, and there are guest writers which are always fun. As an undergrad, I read and take some of their advice. I apply it to work and school. I can definitely say a lot of them have worked out.


Everyone moves at their own pace. I remind myself daily that I am not slow or behind in life. No one will obtain the things that they want in the same way as other people. Don’t compare yourself. Take your time. Take a break. Go for a coffee. Come back when you’re ready. It will happen. Sometimes things will take longer than we want them to. Other things may come to us in the blink of an eye. No matter what happens, we must go on our own journey. It may be a bit scary because of the things unknown, but you’re tough. You got this. Maybe you’ll take the road less traveled. Maybe you will stick to the main roads. Whatever you choose doesn’t make less than someone else. Your unique journey is the reason you will get to where you want. When you do get there, the canvas you painted will be hung high as it tells your story. Just promise yourself to never give. Keep moving forward. Don’t look back. Somewhere among the billions of stars, there’s your one. It burns for you. You may not realize but you’re a star yourself. Remind yourself that dreams really do come true. You can definitely do it. I believe in you.



09 September 2018



Hi, everyone. The last time I posted was about my birthday trip. It's a three part post that I've yet to finish. I'm getting to it. I'm aiming for perfection here. For now, I want to say hi, catch up, and explain a bit about my absence. I spent the last half of the summer holiday trying to get ready for school. I transferred into another school and I'm here to stay until I finish my degree. The reason it took half the summer is because my university has a different person to handle something that is completely related and/or different. Let me clarify. I am now double majoring in English (that hasn't changed) and Italian with a minor in Art History. I've also entered the publishing program which will open the doors for me in the publishing world if I ever chose to be a publisher. With that being said, I had to attend a transfer orientation where I would meet with an adviser that only handles core requirements for the Humanities students. Then I had to schedule meetings with three separate advisers. My Italian adviser was on vacation in Italy (lucky him) up until last week. I also had to formally declare my majors, minor, and and enroll in the publishing program which didn't show up in my university's system and I had to re-declare all over again. University became a pain in the neck and I hadn't been enrolled yet.
Despite the obstacles prior to the fall semester, I am very happy to be studying at my dream school. The campus is a dream and it has few building that are considered historical landmarks. I'll admit that there is one class that I am not a fan off, but that's okay. I've learned a lot in the past two weeks. I've got lost a few time and I've become acquaintances with a few members of the cafeteria staff. I'm ready to take on this semester.
And that is my only explanation for being M.I.A. Now back to the original programming.


The "ber" months are here! September is the kickoff month. Starbucks brought back their Pumpkin Spice Latte, fashion month is all the craze, and I'm back in student mode again. It feels so good to say that. I wait all year long for this time of year. In a month the temperature will cool down and kids will be dressed up for Halloween. In two months, grandma will be throwing down in the kitchen for Thanksgiving and in three months, the countdown to Christmas will begin. There's also sweater weather and vlogmas. 
Does anyone actually know how hard it is to always be in an autumnal and holiday mood all the time? The "ber" months happens only four months out of the year. That means eight out of the twelve moths are spent watching Christmas movies and burning Holidays candles. Excuse me while I marvel in these moments.


As we entered September, I began to prepare outfits for fashion week although I won't be attending shows. Instead, New York City and mostly my campus will be my runway. I'm quite excited for this. First, there's the street style. It's my favorite part. New York City turns becomes and international canvas of color, fabrics, and personalities. Next, my favorite YouTubers and bloggers will be showing off their looks. Most importantly, my favorite designers will be presenting their creations to the world and I will begin to feel like I'm a kid in a candy store. What's not to love about fashion week or fashion month as a whole? I am so ready!
It's Sunday which means I've written my not-so-weekly Sunday post. In a moments time, I'll be cozied up watching the shows through live streams. Before I go, I'd like to hear from you. What's your favorite things about the "ber" months? Whar are you looking forward to most during New York Fashion Week or fashion month in general?
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Until next time. x
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