09 September 2018



Hi, everyone. The last time I posted was about my birthday trip. It's a three part post that I've yet to finish. I'm getting to it. I'm aiming for perfection here. For now, I want to say hi, catch up, and explain a bit about my absence. I spent the last half of the summer holiday trying to get ready for school. I transferred into another school and I'm here to stay until I finish my degree. The reason it took half the summer is because my university has a different person to handle something that is completely related and/or different. Let me clarify. I am now double majoring in English (that hasn't changed) and Italian with a minor in Art History. I've also entered the publishing program which will open the doors for me in the publishing world if I ever chose to be a publisher. With that being said, I had to attend a transfer orientation where I would meet with an adviser that only handles core requirements for the Humanities students. Then I had to schedule meetings with three separate advisers. My Italian adviser was on vacation in Italy (lucky him) up until last week. I also had to formally declare my majors, minor, and and enroll in the publishing program which didn't show up in my university's system and I had to re-declare all over again. University became a pain in the neck and I hadn't been enrolled yet.
Despite the obstacles prior to the fall semester, I am very happy to be studying at my dream school. The campus is a dream and it has few building that are considered historical landmarks. I'll admit that there is one class that I am not a fan off, but that's okay. I've learned a lot in the past two weeks. I've got lost a few time and I've become acquaintances with a few members of the cafeteria staff. I'm ready to take on this semester.
And that is my only explanation for being M.I.A. Now back to the original programming.


The "ber" months are here! September is the kickoff month. Starbucks brought back their Pumpkin Spice Latte, fashion month is all the craze, and I'm back in student mode again. It feels so good to say that. I wait all year long for this time of year. In a month the temperature will cool down and kids will be dressed up for Halloween. In two months, grandma will be throwing down in the kitchen for Thanksgiving and in three months, the countdown to Christmas will begin. There's also sweater weather and vlogmas. 
Does anyone actually know how hard it is to always be in an autumnal and holiday mood all the time? The "ber" months happens only four months out of the year. That means eight out of the twelve moths are spent watching Christmas movies and burning Holidays candles. Excuse me while I marvel in these moments.


As we entered September, I began to prepare outfits for fashion week although I won't be attending shows. Instead, New York City and mostly my campus will be my runway. I'm quite excited for this. First, there's the street style. It's my favorite part. New York City turns becomes and international canvas of color, fabrics, and personalities. Next, my favorite YouTubers and bloggers will be showing off their looks. Most importantly, my favorite designers will be presenting their creations to the world and I will begin to feel like I'm a kid in a candy store. What's not to love about fashion week or fashion month as a whole? I am so ready!
It's Sunday which means I've written my not-so-weekly Sunday post. In a moments time, I'll be cozied up watching the shows through live streams. Before I go, I'd like to hear from you. What's your favorite things about the "ber" months? Whar are you looking forward to most during New York Fashion Week or fashion month in general?
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. Until next time. x

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