I feel like I’ve been talking about my autumnal mood for ages. I’m in the spirit. It’s October. Autumn already started. Ghouls and goblins are getting ready to come out and play. Let the festivities begin! I’ve been ready for so long. When I set out to write this post, I was going to write about how warm it had been in NYC. The temperatures were in the seventies and eighties. People were wearing flip flops, shorts, and sundresses. I am autumn person. It was making me nuts that wearing chunky sweaters wasn’t possible because I would over heat.
I fell asleep writing this post. I woke up the next morning and got ready to head off to my Italian lecture. I was surprised by how the temperature had dropped twenty degrees overnight. It was COLD out. FINALLY. Because I’ve been dressing for autumn and not the lingering summer heat, I didn’t check the weather. If it was warm, I’d just take off my sweater. If it’s cold, I’ll be fine. I wasn’t expecting to be blown away on Amsterdam avenue that day. I wasn’t expecting coats and shivering people. I was unintentionally prepared after all. I wish you could’ve seen my face. I was smiling from ear to ear. I’m definitely not ready for the frigid cold that winter brings, but I am ready for cooler weather. I wanted temperatures in the fifties and sixties and that’s what I got.

After my day at school was over, I ventured into downtown Manhattan. I wanted to enjoy the weather at my favorite places. Coffeeshops were filled with people. Starbucks was filled with orders of Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I only went in for a cookie, but I understood. It amazes me how a sudden drop in the weather made people want to huddle together. It’s as if the countdown to Christmas has begun. I’m excited for that too, but I can wait a bit longer.
The cold seems to bring people together. As if on cue, the aesthetics of New Yorkers and coffeeshops are suddenly very real and very much alive. New Yorkers seem to freak when it’s suddenly hot or suddenly cold. Don’t panic New York. It gets colder. New Yorkers act like it’s suddenly December when it’s fifty degrees. When December rolls around some people feel like they’ve entered a new ice age and others think back to the sixty degree weather as if it was years ago. Nonetheless, the cold seems to bring out a happier spirit in people. At least I think so. People become jollier. I’m talking about New Yorkers here. Jolly is saved specifically for Christmas because we’re always a rush. I am gettin ahead of myself. I do apologize for that.

I guess the wait is over for cooler weather. It’s time to watch Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus. This is where the cozy blankets come out and we make homemade hot chocolate. I told my friend that the cold weather came at the perfect time. Between writing my research papers, midterm papers, and homework, I am trying to find a balance with the other aspects in my life. I do have a job. I try to have a social life. I try to find time to produce content for my blog and that's usually between classes. It is definitely a hard thing to do. I feel like I am in front of my laptop all day every day. At this point I won't be surprised if someone told me that my laptop is suddenly part of my anatomy. While I balance everything in my life, I will definitely be looking for cozy corners where I can work.