It’s finally November! The holidays are quickly approaching. Christmas is everywhere and Thanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet. People are merry and jolly. Couples are ice skating and drinking apple cider in Bryant Park. Friend and families are shuffling through crunchy leaves. The season is slowly changing. It’s getting colder. The leaves are turning colors (FINALLY). The wind is blowing people away. Jackets and scarves have officially made their entrance. Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue are preparing for their annual holiday display which I am beyond excited to see.
That Rory Gilmore feeling has made its annual return. I’ve been told that I can be very Rory Gilmore which I like to think is a compliment. It’s the constant want to read a book a day. I’m never not reading a book. My current read is Gabriel’s Rapture. I’ve read it so many times. Welcome back book boyfriend. I also have my next book lined up. It’s the never ending obsession with coffee (don’t tell Rory that I’ve been drinking tea more). It’s my obsession with having the perfect paper and making sure my grades are great. It’s my thirst for knowledge. It’s the coziness and the innocence. That’s what I’ve been told about myself anyways.
I’ve been getting cozy wherever I go. When I’m in my university’s library, I snuggle up on one of the giant arm chairs with my laptop in my lap writing papers. I usually have tea or coffee in my portable coffee mug. I’ve been using my giant travel mug because I don’t just simply sip the tea. I do love to drink a lot of it. It gets really cozy in the warmth and silence of the library, especially when I know I’m surrounded by books. I’ve also been watching lots of movies in between papers and classes. I’ve been watching movies of the cozy variety. I’ve seen Autumn in New York twice in the past week. I do love Winona Ryder and Richard Gere in pretty much anything. The Hallmark Channel has released a couple new movies so far for their Countdown to Christmas special. There’s also my autumnal playlists with lots of Bocelli and Jason Aldean. Besides, the stress that comes from school, life’s been good.


Fellow academics, we’re half way there. The semester is almost over which means study study study. The final exam schedule was sent out in the last week of October and registration begins this week at my university. I’m very happy with the classes I’ve chosen for the spring semester. They’re currently sitting in my planning basket until registration day. I won’t get the left over classes that no one wants like I did last semester. That is usually what happens when you’re a transfer student.
This semester has gone well. I transitioned into my new university easily. I’ve met some cool people and I enjoy most of my professors. Deadlines are approaching faster and faster. There are more research papers and less time. I’m learning to manage my time a bit better. Thanksgiving is going to come faster than anyone can blink. Then the semester is over the week that follows. It’s a bit nerve wracking to think about it, but I am proud of myself and what I’ve done this semester. How’s your semester thus far?
I am now ready for Christmas in the mountains with my family and home made hot coco. Anyone else with me? By the time the holidays come around, I’m usually ready to unwind. I know I’m not the only one. I’m so excited. It’s probably the only thing that I will talk about for the coming months. Please bare with me.
Happy November everyone! I hope it goes well for you and the semester ends with a wonder bang and a 4.0.