Once upon a time, there was a beautiful red teddy coat hung up on a stand taller than I. It’s purpose was to display the teddy coat and display the teddy coat it did. People stopped all around the tall stand just to try on the this bright red teddy coat. The coat itself became the star of the show and instantly sold out in the stores. Ugh! What a wonderful tragedy. The coat couldn’t be found around the city for awhile and away the customers went to salvage other good while they still could. One lady that stood four inches over five feet decided to try her luck on the world wide web. It felt like a Christmas miracle that the beautiful, bright red teddy coat was still in stock. Without hesitation, the lady ordered the coat. She anticipated the day the coat would arrive at her door. She waited a few days knowing it wouldn’t take long. Soon the day would arrive and she would have it.
On one hot morning, there was a knock on the door. The lady didn’t hear it at first. She was busying herself with a book. The knock came again and this time she heard it. It was louder than the first time. Who could it be? “Delivery,” shouted the man that stood outside her door. “Are you Darianne,” asked the delivery man. “Yes, I‘m Darianne.” The woman smiled as she saw the inscriptions on the box. Oh. It finally came. “Enjoy your package and your day, ma’am.” The delivery man walked away and the lady thanked him. She knew what was inside. She couldn’t wait to open it. She tore open the clear back that held her package with it. Next came the box that she opened without sweat and the wrapping paper. There it was in all of it’s glory. The red teddy coat had come home to her. She tried it on. She walked around with it on. She modeled it. She danced in it. She fell in love with it like it was the first time all over again. She didn’t want anything to happen to it. She hung it on her clothing rack where it would rest until Halloween. It’s safe to say that the lady name Darianne was extremely happy with her purchase.


This was my first ever purchase from Zara and I am so happy to have purchased this teddy coat. Red, and all the shades of red, are my favorite. When I saw it hanging where it was, I instantly thought Christmas. I thought Mrs. Claus. I thought of Fifth Avenue, fir trees, and hot apple cider. The coat spoke to me in more ways than one. I was sad when I walked out of the store without it. That day haunted me for awhile, but then I gave in. It was the best thing I ever did.
The coat has been hanging on my clothing rack for weeks. I couldn’t wait to wear it. I wanted to walk about in it so bad. When Halloween came closer, I realized that I didn’t actually have a costume. I was thinking about what to wear on Halloween while I was staring at the coat. Then it hit me. Why not dress as a devil? Thus the countdown to halloween had begun. The costume wouldn’t be complete without proper shoes and a top. I went over to my favorite shoe site and order some red booties. Next was the bodysuit. I knew that I wanted something red and lacy, but I also wanted something affordable. I searched around until I finally found something that grabbed my attention. This bodysuit caught my attention instantly. It would be my very first time wearing lingerie as part of an outfit. I knew I had to be comfortable in my own skin and what I wore. When I tried it on, I knew I’d be fine. I felt wonderful in it. I kept checking myself out and I’m the farthest thing from vain. I had to get it. Most of my outfit was complete. I just needed black denim. I panicked last minute when I realized that I didn’t have anymore black denim that fit. I ran to a store to get a pair of pants, the waist on the pants were too big. It made me realize that my waist has shrunk a bit (thanks to my vegetarian/vegan diet) and I didn’t know what to do. I walked out empty handed. On Hallows Eve, I found a pair of faux leather pants in my closet that I forgot I had. They were a lifesaver. I was no longer in panic mode. I was back to being excited about dressing up in red.


I had lectures to attend that day. Of course, I wasn’t as ecstatic as I usually am about attending lectures because it was one of my favorite holidays. About mid morning, my art history professor emailed the class because she was ill and had to cancel class (get well soon, professor). I wasn’t happy that she was ill, but I was happy class was canceled. I look forward to the class every week, but this just meant that I could spend more time enjoying the first half of my plans.
After my first and only lecture of the day let out, I went straight to my sister to spend time with her and my niece and nephews. My sister dressed up my niece and nephews as the characters of PJ Masks. I was fangirling over my own niece and nephews. They looked absolutely adorable. It was also my niece’s first halloween. She had slain halloween as Owlette. You go girl! My nephew kept running off into stores and had to be watched like a hawk. He’s only three and thinks he’s an adult. He moved quickly around as Catboy. He wanted his candy now. My other nephew just wanted to eat the candy. He looked so cute as Gekko. We had so much fun. I am already excited for 2019. How was your Halloween?


My second set of plans were to hang out with my friends. Listen, academics know how hard it is to balance work, academics, and a social life. I haven’t seen my amigas in what felt like months. I spend so much time writing papers and creating my habitat in the library. I don’t get to go out and do other things that I enjoy. Halloween was the perfect time for me to do just that. We had a blast catching up, laughing, going to Bryant Park minutes before it closed, and watching all of the ‘freaks come out at night’. Weird things kept happening, but we were having fun. Halloween made me feel normal. I was emotional because I was able to spend time with the people closest to me. Halloween 2018 was the best. We made plans to go ice skating because we’ve been saying we would do so for ages and we never do.
As I write this post, I keep making note that it is now November. The holiday season has officially begun. It’s time for delicious foods, presents, lots of family time, and I get to go home for the holidays. I’m so excited. I can’t wait. I’ve missed my mom for the longest.
Is there anything you’re excited for this Holiday season?