As the end of the semester approaches, I am glued to my laptop furiously researching. I have a final research paper for each class and there are six in total. It’s stressful. It’s a lot of work. I find myself enjoying the research more times than not. With six research papers to due within the month, I find myself needing time to unwind and relax. It’s not easy. I’m either at school or at work. Good night sleeps are rare. I tell myself it will pay off some day. Still, me time is in order even through all of this chaos. Woosah.
I’ve watch movies and I’ve heard people talk about unwinding with a glass of wine. Sometimes it’s a story about a tough day and other times it’s habitual. I’ve never been a wine drinker. I’ve never like it and I never understood why anyone really did. Someone recommended me to try Moscato. I told myself that if I didn’t like it, then that’s fine because I haven’t given up on wine. My very first cup of Moscato was magical. It was absolutely delicious. In fact, we bought the bottle at the restaurant and shared among ourselves. I kept asking if it was wine and if they were sure because wine never tasted that good. I had to click my heels three times to make sure I was still in Kansas and it wasn’t a dream.
Last night was wonderful. I had wine. I read a book. I had cookies. I finally understood why people talk about having a glass of wine at the end of their day. It’s like magic. I was recently gifted a bottle of Moscato by a family member. I held onto it for a little while. The best thing I ever did was wait until I could enjoy some leisure time.
I am still on the fence about other wines. Wine is definitely not for everyone. It’s okay to not like wine. It’s okay to love wine. No matter how you feel about it, there’s no harm in testing out wine until you find that one for you. I believe that there is another wine that could be the perfect match for me. For now, I’ll be enjoying Moscato.