If you read my last post, With A New Year Comes New Beginnings, then you know about the things that I want in 2019. For example, I miss being an early bird and having peaceful, anxiety-free days. I even mentioned blogging and how I've been M.I.A. for a while. There's a big difference between wanting something and trying to obtain it. How do I go about being a better blogger? What can I do that I haven't done before? What can I continue to work on or do better with? These are things I'm constantly asking myself. I'd love to continue to evolve as a person and blogger, but that won't happen if I'm standing still.

There are things I have to do differently to obtain these goals. Change can be scary, but these changes are simple. This is about work ethic and radiating goodness back into the internet. After all, the internet can use some good. 
“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” - Albert Einstein


  1. Organization. One of the most important key factors to anything I do is organization. My calendar is color-coded, so I know what's happening. It easier for me that way. A lot of people have told me that they have two separate planners. That doesn't work for me. I need to see everything all in one place. Stress levels decrease for me when my day is on one single page and things actually get done. If I use two planners, I'd probably forget about one of them. Then I'm back to square one. This also allows me to schedule my days and exercise my lack of time management skills. There are so many things that can get done, especially on busy days. Sometimes a little organization goes a long way.
  2. Planning. Taking the time to plan helps out in the long run. I've always been a spontaneous blogger. If I ask a friend to take my picture and I like them, I may post them then and there. There are many pros to planning like getting things done properly, less anxiety because I have the time to perfect things and smoothe out the edges, there's more quality than quantity, and making my words mean more and make sense instead of rambling. Without planning I'd probably wish I had planned (which happened way more times than I can count), writing on the post becomes messy, and I don't get the result I wished for which is safe to say that that you as a reader and myself may not be happy.
  3.  I’m taking chances. In this past year, I have gotten e-mails for opportunities. Blogging is a dream. Working in fashion is a dream. In fact, I have many dreams and they're all things that I can make a reality. It's one of the things I wish to do in life. So why did I turn down such great opportunities? I was afraid of failing myself and the company I'd work with. This year all of that is being pushed to the side. If a company wants to work with me, that means I'm good enough for that company. I won't fail them or myself because I'll work hard like I do everything else. I'll put my heart and myself into everything I do. Besides, they must like me for me, right? Why else would they reach out?
  4. Spreading the love. I understand how hard bloggers work to put out content that is worthy of our eyes. It's so nice to see the photos, the carefully written words, and the designs and concepts a blogger comes up with for each post. That's why, and I know the feeling, it's important to stop by and say hello. Give their post a read. Leave a lovely comment. It doesn't take long. Most of the time I'm LOLing by the end of their post. There are times when posts are serious, but most of the time they're fun. I have my faves that I always go back to, but I always keep my eyes open for new blogs to read. My favorites folder is jam-packed with blogs. I guess it's safe to say I'm never bored. Last year I started interacting with other bloggers. I love to leave comments on their blogs. It's nice to feel appreciated for what you do and it's something I want to continue to do more of.
  5. Working outside. I've been using an app called Coffitivity for a couple of years now. The app is perfect for studying or working because it gives me the feeling of being in a cafe. The app itself has different tracks like CDs. Some are sounds you'd hear at a university and others are sounds you'd hear at a cafe. Cafe's are my favorite and I live for them. I've been using this app through my journey at my university to make up for gloomy libraries, but it's time to change that. While I will still be using the app, getting the real experience is so much better. Since I am balancing school, work, and blogging, getting these small moments of social time is good for me. Why not edit in Central Park when the weather gets warmer? Why not sit in cafes and feel the city around me? I feel like my most productive moments have been at cafes.

There are many other things I'd like to do differently that isn't blog related. Some of this stuff has to do with my academic career at my university. I just wrote a blog post about what I did differently last semester and how it worked for meOther things have to do with my personal being which has been stated in my previous post. The most important thing I must remember is to always be progressive. I must continue to learn, grow, evolve, etc. as a person. No matter what changes I wish to make they must always be for the better. They must be because I am wishing and wanting them to happen. Everything is always done out of love and with a peaceful heart.

What are some things you wish to do differently this year? What worked for you last year?

Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. - Babe Ruth