This is from my birthday trip. I was visiting the Benjamin Franklin museum in Philadelphia. 
With only nine days left before the spring semester, I'm beginning to find myself excited and restless already. With a new semester comes new books, professors, adventure, and endless amounts of papers. I'll meet more people and enjoy more lattes which I'll end up giving up again by summer. Believe me when I say I'm excited. I just have one problem: I'm going back to the same routine without actually making the most of my break.

Every winter students at university get the month of January off before returning back to the books. That month is our small bit of freedom before the summer holidays. Everything happened so fast this month. Christmas came and went. New Year's Day came and went. I dived headfirst into working so I can save money and not be stressed out while I'm in school. Then I took a moment to just relax. At that moment I realized that January is practically over.  I didn't get to do much of anything.

That's when I impulsively booked a trip. In the moment of clarity, I thought about how short life is and life doesn't end when I graduate. It is super important that I am mental, physically and, emotionally prepared for the semester coming up. So, this week I'm off to Philadelphia again to rejuvenate. I'm going to enjoy some fun time in a city I've come to love. The last time I was there it was summer and it was my birthday. Maybe this time I'll go ice skating and see some of the sights that I haven't seen yet. Maggiano's and Little Nonna's is a must. What about the One Liberty Observation Deck? There's so much that I can do and I'm ready for some me time and fun time.

I decided to do more of this. I'd like to take more trips spontaneously. Even if they're short day trips to cities I haven't been to. I love traveling and sometimes getting away just for a little while is all anyone needs. Next stop Boston? Who knows? Possibilities are endless.

If you've ever been to Philadelphia or if you're from there, what would you recommend I do during my stay?