Life has always been an adventure. Whether we are ready or not doesn't really matter. Life does what it pleases and we're all here for the ride. That sounds cynical, but it's the truth. As I got older, I began to see the beauty of not knowing what may or may not come. It's scary, but it makes me stronger. It makes me feel a bit more fearless and it is liberating in more ways than one. The memories that are birthed from the unknown are some of my favorites.

For me, the best adventures stem from the memories I create and turn into Kodak moments in my head. One of my favorite memories is the time that I hopped my way through Philadelphia in the rain with a pie of pizza in my hand. I wound up hopping into a puddle and I still haven't lived that down. It's one of my favorite LOLs. Memories, whether they are good or bad, shape who we are in the future.  
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. - Unknown
Memories aren't the only part of adventures that is important. The experience itself is just as important. I am someone who is always up for stepping out of my comfort zone. I want to go places and see things. I want to skydive and bungee jump. I'd love to go zip lining and parasailing. That's just me. Doing these wonderful things would be great, but it's all about enjoying them while they're happening. I've heard stories of people being bored while hiking up beautiful mountains. Why bother if it's not your thing and/or if you're not open to it? Life's too short to not do what we love.

I find it very important to know that adventure doesn't have to be extreme. Sometimes adventures are road trips. Other times it's eating new foods. Sometimes we experience things alone and other times we experience them in a group. Whatever the case may be, adventures are one of the many things that make life worth it and I never want to stop being on one.


About a few months ago my thirst for adventure and traveling became almost unquenchable. The itch to make more memories became unbearable. I wasn't sure how to handle that. It became more and more suffocating. It was at that moment I changed my birthday plans. I decided I wanted to go somewhere that has been calling my name since I was a little girl. What does that even mean? That means I booked another trip right as the thought crossed my mind. I'm looking forward to this trip. I will experience my family's homeland for the first time since I was an infant. I've always been about self-discovery. Part of self-discovery for me is learning more about my roots. I'm more than excited to dive head first and embrace everything. July won't come fast enough.
Life's too short to be sittin' around miserable. - Rihanna
While that seems vague, here is something a little vaguer. About a month ago I made another major decision that I've been sticking to ever since my mind had been made up. As time gets closer, I will open up about it. For now, it is all a work in progress. Details are still very blurry. I've been working them out slowly because it is very important that I get this right. This will bring on major changes to my life. It's nerve-wracking and a little scary, but I think I am ready. Between my birthday trip and another little secret I'm moving towards, these adventures are dreams. Maybe somewhere along the lines, I'll add a few more trips in there, but I am just so happy with the way 2019 is panning out and it's been a blessing. Gracias Dios por todo.


Life never tells us when it's time to go. It doesn't give us a boarding pass with a time and date. Life doesn't wave its hands in our face to tell us that there are opportunities and adventures right in front of our faces. It is always up to us as individuals to go out seek, create, and grab the moment, opportunity, and/or adventure. I've learned this the hard way. Procrastion and life do not go hand in hand. I've been ready to take off, but I never do. 
It is not death most people are afraid of. It is getting to the end of life, only to realize, that you never truly lived. - Prince Ea
The road to my dreams, my success, and pretty much the rest of my life is becoming more interesting every day. I'm being encouraged by the few people who know about my plans. People believing in me and what I have planned is always a push in the right direction. I'm almost a quarter way through life. I have wonderful memories. I've been on wonderful adventures. This year I will be making more memories and going on more adventures. I look forward to making every year more epic than the last. My birthday trip will be filled with many firsts. Those moments, just like every moment, are very important. My very vague and secret (for now) plans are a work in progress but are very much in full effect. It is now or never. So, this is my promise to myself and whoever is reading this: I will push and make it to where I want to be and who I want to be. No dream is too big or too small. I say this with love. It's time to take off. En su marcas, listos, fuera! Me voy (I'm going) and you're more than welcome to come with me.