Primavera is in the air. Yes, I'm talking about spring. She dances around and changes her mind constantly. One moment it is cold and rainy. The next moment it's warm and sunny. Most of the time I ignore the weather and wear what I wish. These days the warmth of spring has made me feel like summer arrived early. New Yorkers can honestly say that we've been living our best summery lives this spring.

I Remember how I used to dread about the summer heat and summer itself. I still do, but I am actually excited about summer this year. Summer is only a month away, but that hasn't influenced my choice of clothing. I've taken the vibes of summer holiday and ran with it. Just like on Easter, I'm usually wearing something light and comfortable. It's been about feeling like I'm on vacation even though I am not. This spring has been the best staycation thus far.


When I saw this Fashion Nova dress, in particular, I thought about how it made me look summer ready but made me feel like October with its autumnal color. We all know autumn is my favorite. The fashion and aesthetics of autumn are what I live for. So, any time I can wear something inspired my autumn, I do. It's also fair to say that I've been wearing only whites and neutral tones. It's clear that the vacation, summer vibes of this dress jumped out to me.

The dress itself is form-fitting and very comfortable. It is lightweight. I checked a few times to make sure I was still wearing clothes because the dress made me feel like I walked out in a bra (in a good way). The dress doesn't make me feel confined when I'm wearing it. In fact, it was a very freeing experience.

Of course, I had to pair this dress with my favorite FILA sneakers. I've been asked a lot about the FILA Women's Disruptor II Premium Sneakers. Most questions are about whether they are worth it or not and their comfort level. The Disruptors are ten out of ten for me. It's comfort levels are out of this world. Unlike some sneakers that are meant to bed worn on occasions, these sneakers can be worn daily. Besides my undying love for my Vans, I wear the Disruptors when I'm not in heels. That says a lot.


I'm counting down to the moments where I see fireflies at sunset and hear the birds by sunrise. I'm waiting for the days where the coolness of the inside meets the warmth of the outside and brings me chills. I can already feel the sleepy eyes of the longer nights. I can imagine the energy that rises with the sun and rocks me like the lullaby as the day turns to night.

I may not like summer, but I am ready. I'm ready for the memories that will turn in to Kodak moments. I can smell the pages of old books being resting between my fingers as I turn them. A tall glass of lemonade is by my side as condensation works its magic in the summer heat. The smell of the ocean will tickle my nose as the salty liquid surrounds me. From the clothes that I wear to the adventures ahead, summer, I am ready for you. Que venga lo que venga (come what may). x