Spring has finally arrived! It feels so good to say that. I'm excited for jackets and sweater weather (again). I'm excited about longer days and the moment my semester comes to an end. It's been an interesting few months already. Not just with school but other things. I've been planning. I've been putting those plans into action. Life is always about moving forward and that's what I've been doing. I'm getting ready to do and try new things. 

Spring is definitely about new things. It's the rebirth of nature after the cold months. It's when we declutter our spaces and clean like we never have before. Essentially we rejuvenate our lives. To be real with you, Spring started early for me. New York never got much of a winter. Since I fell off on certain things I told myself I would do come the new year, I started over. It's better to restart than to quit and never try again, right?


Since we've last spoken, many things have happened. I joined a gym and have been going regularly. I decided to join the gym for many reasons. The most important reason is for my health and lack of energy. I was a student-athlete. Before being a student-athlete, I was a kid who loved being in shape and would work out at home. I was always in shape, energized, and active. When I graduated high school, I didn't play any more sports and I didn't go to the gym to keep up with the lifestyle I love. Adulting made me lazy. I was okay with that for the longest time, but not anymore. I'm currently sore and tired, but I feel my body getting strong. I'm loving the feeling.

I also really wanted to talk about blogging. I wanted to be able to post once a week because I love blogging. I love sharing my ideas, outfits, inspiration, and hearing from you. Unfortunately, all of the assignments my professors assign have been a massive pain in the butt. I've written more papers than ever. I've read and reread the same books for the umpteenth time. I just want to enjoy my spring break already. Some of my professors can tell that we're worn out and they've been trying to go easy on us, but they still have to do their jobs. I still need to learn and be challenged or there's no point. I'll just lose interest.