Tranquility is in the air. Summer is flying by and no one can stop her. I wake up most mornings feeling like I'm heading to the beach for a Piña Colada. The feeling of being beachside with a Piña Colada has been wonderful in itself. Summer vibes have everyone feeling free. Toes are in the sand. Ice cream is melting in the hands of children. Adults are occasionally running through hydrants to stay cool.

This summer has been about spending time with the people who matter most. There have been plenty of late nights and early mornings. Voices blare through the speaker of my cell phone shouting with excitement. They wake me up. Can I have one more minute? No. Summer waits for no one. It's time for another thrill.


Tomorrow I will be on a plane going to a place I haven't been since I was a baby. I will be drifting in the clouds and watching the prairies and ocean from up high. When I land, I'll be embraced with love. Unfamiliar voices will tell me that it's summer vacation and there isn't any time to sleep. Hugs and kisses will fill the airport. My favorite book will be in my hand. A smile will be plastered on my face. The scariest part is over. I've landed. People will be talking over each other and I'll just be amazed by the moment.

"Bienvenida" they'll say.  "Estás en casa."