As I wrote MY "BER" MOTHS GOALS, I began to make a plan to make the necessary changes in my life. I began to feel inspired again. I became hungry to work for a better tomorrow. I want more in life. There are steps that I need to take in order to make that happen. There are things I still need to learn. I still need to grow as a person. No matter what happens or how it happens, it needs to happen. As an individual, setting goals and achieving them makes me feel like a badass boss lady. Despite needing to take certain steps, learn more, and grow more as a person, I know that I need to take a leap of faith when necessary. That's how my new beginning started so quickly.

One of my "Ber" month goals was to get my finances in order. All I really wanted to do was find a suitable bank for me. I, and forgive me for lack of a better term, may have killed two birds with one stone. I have been miserable with my current position at my job. I have been extremely unhappy. I have wanted to quit for quite some time now. I don't want to be there anymore. While I enjoy working with the people I do, I no longer enjoy the company. Misery loves company and I refuse to be miserable any longer.

I began applying to jobs with similar positions in hopes that I can go somewhere new. I want to be the new girl again and feel that excitement that I use to get when going to work. The day after I applied, I got an e-mail to come in for an interview the next day. The interview was unconventional. It was like a personality test. I enjoyed it. When it was over, I went for a walk down Fifth Avenue. About five minutes after I left the interview, I received an e-mail from the company. I got the job. I have orientation next week and I'm excited to start. I'm excited to put my two weeks notice in. I'm excited about the challenges ahead. Not to mention my new job is in the center of all the festivities during the holidays. Can you hear my excitement?

So, you might ask me what does that have to do with my "Ber" months goal. Well, I got a higher paying job with a company I love and grown-up loving. I also got my finances together by finding a bank that works for me. This bank has interest rates that help my checking and savings accounts grow as I continue to make deposits. Life feels good and in order at the moment. I'm happy.

Thanks for letting me ramble on with this unplanned, unedited post. I'm so excited for what to come. I can't wait to start at my new job. What are you excited about?