Ever since I was a child, I've wanted to travel this incredible planet and experience people, life, cultures, and anything else the world has to offer. When I was growing up, I promised myself that I would someday travel, no matter how near or far, and see other places outside the state of New York. I'm talking about places like Los Angeles, Bali, and London or places so rich with natural resources it looks untouched by mankind. Being one with the planet is something I've craved my entire life and work every day for the peace that nature offers. Anyways, growing up in a single parent household didn't allow me such luxuries. So, keeping my promise to myself means more to me now more than it ever has. 

Admittingly, I don't get to travel as often as I wish. I'd love to drop everything and become a vagabond (literal goals), but I have other dreams like studying English and art. I'm a full-time student with a part-time job. My travels are usually reserved for my birthday or concerts, but both events are far and few in between. University and my job doesn't allow me much time off and most times I crave it. Even when my savings account doesn't agree with my spontaneous trips I rememeber that life's too short. 
Way back in January I was frustrated at work and feeling anxious about the new semester. I'm always thinking about how short life is. This is one of the reasons why I have so much anxiety. As I said before, part of me wants to become a vagabond and the other enjoys studying at university and her city life. It just so happens that when I have one, I always want the other. My professor can be in the middle of a lecture about Milton, but I'm thinking of my own paradise. When I'm in paradise, I get the academic version of homesickness. I always want to go back. With that being said, I tell myself that I can balance. I can feel the sand in my toes, smell the fresh air of rainforests, and see all of these cities while making it on time to my 8 a.m. class the next day.

Having to feel split in two by parts of me makes me feel stressed and anxious. Am I living my best life? Am I living it to the fullest? Do I go on enough adventures? Did I give the semester my all? The pre-academic anxiety brought more anxiety to the party. Mix the pre-academic anxiety with my frustrations at work and a real need to be somewhere else. That sums up how I ended up with a full itinerary in Philadephia. 
There was something truly important that I wished to do while in this historical city. It's something that I've wanted to do every time I've ever visited Philadelphia. I had to visit the Philadephia Museum of Art. As an art history student and an art lover, I had to see what this museum had to offer. I'm a member of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It's truly my favorite museum I've visited thus far. I hold museums to very high standards. It was no surprise that the Philadelphia Museum of Art met those standards.

There was just one issue while I was at the museum: there was only twenty minutes until the doors closed. Naturally, I took in everything I can as fast I can. The first thing I stopped to see was the Fabulous Fashion exhibit. (Mom, if you're reading this, I want those shoes.) Fashion has always been a form of art. The clothes and the accessories all alike. The MET had the Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination exhibit last year and it was exquisite. I had to see what this museum had to offer. I was in awe of everything. My favorite piece from this collection was the shoes photographed above. I carefully look at each piece on display, but the shoes captured my attention. I didn't want to walk away. They are gorgeous. 
As I exited the exhibit, I was met by the grand staircase again. Diana, a sixteen-foot statue by Augustine Saint-Gaudens, is hard to miss as it quietly dominates and centers the grand hall and staircase. It was like a siren calling to me from the sea. I walked towards the statue in a trance. The grand staircase is directly in front of the entrance. The entire room was illuminated like it was golden hour and the light rested beautifully on Diana. By the time I reached the top of the stairs, I had to take a moment to huff and puff and to shake off the trance I was in. I realized that it was crunch time. What did I need to see more? Was it European art or the armor room that was adjacent to the European art. The answer was obvious. European art is my absolute favorite. I walked into the first room of the exhibit to be engulfed by beauty.

The first room was very blue and filled with gold. From the painting itself to the frame to the chest before it, I was amazed by its beauty. Admittingly, the painitng made me giggle. It was probably because of the giant wreath and small head. I also couldn't figure out the story the artist was trying to tell. Something kept telling me that I should know but nothing crossed my mind. Maybe it's becuase I finally began to thaw out.
Sculptures are one of my favorite mediums for artistic expression. It never seize to be amazed by how the artist manages to create such intimate and elaborate details with marble. If you've ever seen Gian Lorenzo Bernini's St. Peter's Baldachin, then you'd understand how breathtaking sculptures can be. Sometimes sculptures aren't as extravogent. Sometimes they are more intimate. The sculptures I had first encountered were in fact intimate. The first sculpture of the boy with a leave over his private area was my favorite of the two shown. It's all about the details. 

As I continued to maneuver through the museums, a room fit for a princess stole my heart. There was gold everywhere. I'm talking about the mirrors, chandelier, and the details on the wall. I fell madly in love with this room. I had to take a selfie and pretend I was a princess during this era who had managed to to get her hands on a cellphone. Forgive me. That doesn't make sense. My imagination tends to run wild. 
As I continued on I found hidden mirrors and a mint green room that made me want to twirl in circles in a big poofy dress. The art in the room was beautfiul, but the room itself made me romanticize about being a noble's daughter. I kind of like the idea of living in a room this big.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see all that I wished to see. The museum is big and I had very little time. As the employees made their rounds to notify those who lingered that the museum is closed, I stood at the very top of the grand staircase, in front of the beautiful Diana statue, I took it all in. I a few hours left until my bus arrived to take me back to the Big Apple. I was hungry and it was freezing out.

The Philadelphia museum of art is a dreamy place where the art lover that I am lives and romanticizes about stories these artist retold in so many different ways. It's been almost a year since I've been to this museum, but I can't wait to return. This time I'll be more prepared and aware of what I wish to accomplish. Despite nearly freezing to death and my account being frozen for the next twenty-four hours, this trip was a success and I do it again. x